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Shades Of 1972....RAY IS ASKED TO BE LIKE EARL MORRALo What Earl Did....keep Winning.


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Jan 27, 2002
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Ray Lucas heard a lot of people calling him "EARL" this reference to what many people would like RAY LUCAS to do.....just like EARL MORRAL did back in 1972...

With the 30th anaversarry of the undefeataed 1972 season apparent to all fans, players and coaches alike......there are many ironies....except for one....that takes us back to that magical perfect just about this point of time....when then...starting QB...BOB GRIESE went down in game 5 with a fractured leg....with the Dolphins being 5-0. In comes backup Qb EARL MORRALL...then 38 at the lead the he rips off 10 straight victories before giving way back to BOB GRIESE in the AFC championship against Pittsburgh. EARL MORRALL played in the NFL 20 years.....but his performance in 1972....when he succeeded GRIESE and was named ALL-PRO....has to go down as one of the greatest backup QB feats in the history of the NFL.
In the same manner that DON SHULA asked EARL to just go out there and let everyone around him.....rise to the he would say.....EARL was just asked to go out and avoid one thing.......DO NOT LOSE THE GAME BEACUSE OF YOURSELF. SHULA knew that all EARL MORRALL had to be confident and just go out there and play within himself...and everything was going to be ok....and that he did. That team never missed a beat.....and everyone around EARL stepped up there game....just to make sure nothing was going to happen to deter their ultimate goal. Now......30 years later.....the same tune is playing for young RAY LUCAS.....even though this team is not still on its way with an unblemished record at 5-1.

RAY LUCAS has been one of the most popular players on this team....since his arrival. He has a personality that is infectious...and there is no question that he has the complete confidence and respect in that locker room. RAY is going to get the job done....I have no doubt in my mind.....the offense will remain just what we have been seeing....there will hardly be anything out of the ordinary. What you get with RAY is the better chance perhaps for the completion of the DEEP BALL....and what you get a very fast QB on the run. I think RAY is being asked to just to the same thing......that is to be confident.....let everyone around you help you don't need to be a savior. Again.....Do not allow us to lose.....because of you.....that is all we ask. You see no one open.....throw it in the stands. Don;t force the ball down the field......tuck that ball in and start running. Avoid the big turnover.....and just play within the Norv Turner system....let everyone around you win games.

With JAY out for at least 4 weeks....maybe even 8.....this is RAY LUCAS time to put his stamp on his career and see if he can continue this electical start of a season for the DOlphins. The Dolphins have had a very good history of back-up Quarterbacks.....whether it be EARL MORRAL or DON STROCK's performances....or even when DAM MARINO was hurt once.....when SCOTT MITCHELL ripped off a few nice wins. Now its RAY LUCAS' turn.....and he is poised and ready for this challenge....he seems to know NORVS system very well.....and of course.....we all saw just how much RAY improved as a Qb in the he clearly outplayed JAY FIEDLER in that time.

However.....JAY FIEDLER did rise up from that pre-season....and to the surprise of many non-supporting fans of his.....JAY has played beyond most of the fans expectations....leading this team to a very impressive start at 5-1. Jay showed us all his guts as a leader last week.....playing with that hand injury....and leading us down the get MARE that chance. There is no one who should anything about far as his toughness goes at this point.....he has left LUCAS a good well.

Now....LUCAS just has to go out..... and remind everyone of years past. There is an old ghost out there....who is rooting for a much younger version of him.... the irony is there......even though its not as "perfect".....but there is a reason why RAY LUCAS is being called... "EARL" these some of his teammates... He is expected to keep this winning formula going....

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