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Should Mike Have Kicked It?

Go for the record?

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100000%… that’s the NFL record. NFL all time history.

And it’s a different conversation if it’s kneel down to end the game… kneel to get a turnover? No. Give your kicker the gimme (he needs it) and give your team the record.
I understand why he didn’t because the coaching profession is tough and you never know when things are going to be held against you when you’re looking for another job but I still would’ve kicked the field goal. That pos Payton would’ve done it.
I wanted him to kick it simply because of the record. Yet I fully understand why he didn’t, so I’m happy with the 70.
Why would it be "wrong" to break it? They earned it and with our second stringers in the 4th quarter.
Yes because you always play likecits 0-0. Would hate to have them make a comeback and then regret not kicking the fieldgoal, besides our kicker needed the reps as we all know
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