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Shula or?


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
From espn

Norv Turner, the Chargers' offensive coordinator, will not succeed Riley. He actually stipulated that he would not replace Riley when he agreed to a four-year contract to take over the offense. He also has two weeks to terminate the deal if he feels he can't work with the new head coach. That's a technicality. The Chargers will not stand in his way if Turner wants to leave, perhaps to join Dave Wannstedt in Miami as Chan Gailey's replacement at offensive coordinator. But he also is very comfortable living in San Diego.

After theese 2 I can't think of anyone that might get the job.
from what i've heard............

shula is even more conservative than chan! we need somebody that will open up the offense. we also need a head coach to make decisions!:confused:
we need a strong O coordinator since Wanne is a D coordinator at heart and mind even though he played O.
Norv sometimes ran the ball over 30 times a game with Tomlinson. He did do some throwing though, and could be a good fit.
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