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Sideburn: Kennedy's 3rd dirty play this season...


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Oct 11, 2002
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First of all, every line blocks low in a run game, hell I see the Dolphins do it, It's only Illegal if the d-player is engaged...I've already discussed the chop blocking else-where, The Faiduhs are the only ones that constantly complain about it and it's because we own their ass... Tatums hit was pretty bad, but ask yourself this, take away the hitting up top, so that means you have the legs, hit the legs and you can end up going end over end like Beebe did...remeber that one? He's lucky he didn't break his neck, it's a rough sport...There is a reason why you sign a life insurance policy when you sign your money contract...I bet Thiesman would have rather had LT go high then low don't you, pick your poison...I just think the league is hypocritical about dealing out fines....I'll give you the chambers hit, but the first hit on Issac Bruce in the first game of the season was crap, hell Kenoy's helmet hit the ball...since when did knocking out the ball result in a fine...oh yeah thats right, it was a star player being licked, can't have that, bad for business...See the point?
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