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Simple Prediction


The Human Bullet
Sep 2, 2001
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Ok, everyone chime in here. No fancy explanations why, just give your prediction for the season win loss record as we stand today.

We will do a second one a week before the season starts, so everyone can factor in injuries(not that we will have any) and player booms and busts in pre-season.

I'll get it started

Hmmm right now I see 11-5. First round playoff game. 2nd round playoff exit.

Reason? One half of the defensive line is a problem right now and it doesn't matter how good our CB's are. If you give any QB long enough he's going to burn you. This could make us lose ground on our defensive rating almost as much as the offense could be climbing. So even though the offense looks to improve the defense is looking pretty faulty at the moment that could leave them in the same predicament.

:eek: not another 11-5!! Well that's where I see 'em heading AS OF TODAY.

With everyone staying healthy 10-6 if not.
Tough one considering we have zero to go on besides hope. Well, considering we've lost our O line basically, gained a back who can run if he doesn't get hurt, changed our D line.....hmmmmm

12-4...I've got faith in a healthy Rob Burnett and Norv Turner giving our offense a more complete look. I firmly believe we can win it all if we stay healthy and add some depth.
Shouldn't look at the defense like that. Consider this. We only had DG in half our games last year. I believe we were 6-2 in that stretch. In the stretch without DG we were 5-3 season (with a playoff loss 5-4). However over that stretch, Derrick Rodgers was also injured and Zach Thomas was like at 75%. Both Ernest Grant and Jermaine Haley were battling injuries with Haley not even able to leverage himself properly...Kenny Mixon had lost a bunch of weight and wasn't looking even as good as he use to at stopping the run.

So take the 2nd half of the year as baseline. Went 5-4 including playoffs. Now we've got Larry Chester which is a massive improvement on the injured Haley/Grant combo. Behind him we've also got the now healthy Haley/Grant combo to keep people fresh. Zach healthy. Derrick healthy. Morlon better. Rob Burnett, Jay Williams, and David Bowens at LDE (which is supposed to be meant as a strength, since I believe Burnett plays better than Mixon...perhaps not Williams though, and I'm a true believer that D.Bo is AT LEAST as good as Brommell). And perhaps most importantly, we've got a Jim Bates who is willing to toss Arturo Freeman into the box more to stop the run.

By the way, you DO realize that if you take the last 2 years worth of games, the difference between DG being in at DT and DG not being in at DT is a mere 7 yards per game rushing...
yeah but last year it was a matter of 30 yards a game. Tim can't hold the line like he once could, hopefully Chester can.
Did I mention that now we've also got an offense that may not only score on people putting them in a position of desperation (which makes defense easier...more ints, more fumbles, etc) but also an offense which is capable of running the ball and controlling the clock???

Has anyone mentioned how our inability to run the ball last year may have in part contributed to this complete deterioration of the run defense? Discuss amongst yourselves.
Amen, I believe overall we're a better team...

and I have to say at least one win better. But in fact I think we'll do the JESTS twice so that's 2 better. Put me down for 13-3.

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