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Since now we have some cap room.....


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Sep 3, 2001
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What positon should we try to improve through free agency?

I think we should go after a OL. I'm not worried about Marcus Spriggs because he's back healthy now. I think that was a stroke of bad luck that Brent Smith and Spriggs both went down the way they did. I'm not sold on Brent Smith because he's always hurt and never lived up to his full potential because of his injuries. Plus we have Anthony Cesario coming back also who was having a good preseason until his injury.

My main concern is the GUARD position. We have Leon Searcy (great pickup), Mark Dixon (9 knee surgeries), Todd Perry(back up material) and Jamie Nails (could surprise, but Buffalo fans said he sucked as a Bill). If Dixon goes down again (hopefully not) but the chances are great that it could happen, who will fill in? I wasn't happy with Perry's play last year.

I know Blake Brockmeyer is the BIG free agent out there for the tackle positon, but does anyone think that Tom Ackerman can come in and win the left guard position? If so, I think that is the way to go. The better option would be Ron Stone but he wants too much money with now. But we should wait till after the draft. If we can draft someone like Martin Bibla in the third round then we won't need Ackerman.

My other concern is the dime back. We don't have one (not one worth mentioning). We need somebody that will push Jamar Fletcher for the nickel back position.

I know our thinnest position is the linebacker position. We have to get better backups, because if one goes down, I think we will have some serious problems on defense. The backups we have right now are great special team players but mediocre backups. I'm sure we can address that in the draft.
Well, we all know the O/line coud use some help... if Brockmeyer is achievable within the Cap constraints we have then let's get it done.

or prehaps, time to re-open negotiations with Chris Carter?:lol:
Forgive me, but I don't remember Smith always being hurt. It seems to me that I remember Smith always stepping in for an injured Richmond Webb.

Does anyone have his injury history?
Smith was banged up a lot throughout seasons. Even though he was not a starter I've seen him on the injured list quite a few times over the last two to three seasons. Jimmy Johnson was ready to let go of Webb three years ago because of his cap # and we had a young Smith who looked ready to take over, but he went down to injury during the preseason, we re-signed Webb and Smith never took the starting job away.
my thoughts exactly!

Well, we all know the O/line coud use some help...
i'd like to see the fins carry as many o-lineman as they can, then after the season, keep the best and cut the rest. keep a rotation going, find out which ones work better with different runningbacks, keep em fresh!:D
i would love to see us get wadesworth for the min but i dont know if that will happen but i can hope he would be great as our left end as long as he stays heathy
wouldnt it be nice to have that out of one of our running backs with some more from minor and edwards
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