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Sinclair or Burnett? No Thanks


The Shiznit
Mar 17, 2002
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Opium induced haze...
People, what is the facination with Michael Sinclair and Rob Burnett? These guys are 34 and 35 respectively and have 13 sacks COMBINES over the past 2 SEASONS!!!!

Stats for the last 2 years.
Michael Sinclair - 2001: G-16, GS-16......sacks 3.5
2000: G-16, GS-16......sacks 3.5

Rob Burnett - 2001: G-13, GS-13......sacks 0
2000: G-16, GS-16......sacks 6.5

This is hardly something to get excited about. ONLY at the very minimum of contracts would I even consider these guys, and I wouldn't guarentee them a roster spot. They would only be for depth and realisticly would NOT upgrade our team, and if they did, it would be a very MINIMAL upgrade, even with our current roster.

The game clearly has passed these 2 by, I say no to bringin them in.


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Jan 27, 2002
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I have to agree...not the answers.

I am beginning to think now....that the DOlphins will look at other possibilities, besides Burnett and Sinclair. After June 1st... the Dolphins should find some names floating out there...that are as good...or even better than these 2 castaways.

This unbelievably, deal that Daryl Gardener and the Dolphins agreed to today....really has put some more spending money on the table. The Dolphins should now just go ahead and see if they can get a guy they can develop on the DL...through the late rounds of the draft. Then...after that....they can really do some bottom-fishing...and hopefully....they can wait to see if there is any fish out there...with some more bite....literally....than these two guys.

If I were the Dolphins brass....I would reel these guys in for a look-see....and then throw them back in the water. Then I would take my boat and rod out again...sometime after the next big wave of cuts...come June 1st.

I agree....Sinclair and Burnett.....I think we can do bettter...if not...find a DL that we can work with...who has an upside. There is very little to no upside with these two guys.

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