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Sloppy Play


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Aug 19, 2002
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Hi Dolphin Fans,

I am new to this Board. The Clock on the board showed 9:25 pm. Where is this Board originating from?

I think one of the reasons why Miami is looking sloppy in 2 preseason games is because unlike past years where they start fast and fade at the end and also to avoid injuries, this year they may be taking a little easy to begin with and then just now are picking up steam. Of course other reasons are some injuries we have had so far (thankfully nothing serious yet) and those guys missing multiple practices and also the new Offensive System. What do you think?
welcome a-board DolphinVJ

Originally posted by DolphinVJ
Hi Dolphin Fans,

I am new to this Board. The Clock on the board showed 9:25 pm. Where is this Board originating from?

if you go into your control panel - - click on the Edit Options tab and select a Time offset you will get the right time; otherwise, it is probably displaying GMT (UTC) time.
Welcome to Finheaven! As for the time....time for AJ to get another watch. hehehe

Sloppy play? I can't allow them that excuse for the first game they played. While not terrible, it should of been better. They reminded me of two senior citizens rolling around on a waterbed with a bottle of babyoil....ugly and all over the place.

But alas, we sucked like this last preseason too....we'll see soon enough.
Well we lost most of our preseason games last season, but that doesn't mean we sucked. In fact, I noticed a lot that our first teams were doing well (except for running) last year. You can't compare this year and last year in terms of sloppiness...there's no comparison. We'll see how they elevate things against Houston but they shouldn't try TOO hard an push themselves too hard.

I was glad to hear they held both Chester and Dixon out of practice this morning. They are still keeping track of injury potential even though there's a big push to do a lot of makeup work because of our sloppiness against the Bucs and Saints.
I can't belive the uproaor about pre-season. For goodnes sakes it is just that pre-season. I do believe the cowboys went 0-5 and won the superbowl. Nothing counts until the regular season starts. Dolphins fans should have nothing to worry about.
The only time I will care about sloppy play is in 3 weeks vs Detroit, until then I could care less.
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