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Some nice sleepers to look at...


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Sep 4, 2001
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  • OG Steve McKinney Indianapolis 4 Just a blue-collar guy, a mid-round draft pick who had made himself into a solid player, and will be very popular in the market. Good in-line blocker and surprisingly sound pass protector as well.
  • OG Kerry Jenkins N.Y. Jets 4 Good power as an in-line blocker, very strong and knocks defenders off the ball when he gets it going. Hard to say how much money he'll garner, since even good guards rarely get the big bucks.
  • DE Reinard Wilson Cincinnati 5 Found his niche in 2001 as a situational pass rusher after four years of bouncing between end and linebacker. His four sacks last season will get attention of teams looking for an upfield guy.
i like both of the oline postion we need help on the line !!!!!!!!!!

de i think we have that covered
I think someone should be added from that list, and one from the superstar list epsn put out. My choiced would be Mckinnie and Newberry. I like the fact that Newberry can play center, and guard. He could take over for Ruddy, unless Dixon has trouble comming back from what his 8th surgery.
I also really want a big name LB. Farrior would probably come cheap, and would really help this d get more physical. I also doubt many teams will spend big money on a LB this offseason, but the most desperate team will probably go after Hardy wich may leave Cowart looking for a team.
Originally posted by skippysphins
39 do you think it was agood move dumping gregory or a bad move
he dis'ed management too many times especially for a 5th stringer. He refused to go to NFL Europe which was his 2nd and last chance.
another sleeper list:,1328,5065793,00.html

Michael Myers, DT, Dallas Cowboys: Myers was a 16-game starter for the first time in his career last season for Dallas. Some scouts think he could have gone to the Pro Bowl. He played that well. He had 3 1/2 sacks, but he also played the run well. At 26, he's only going to get better. Dallas wants him back, but he should get some play on the open market.

sounds like a good alternative to TimBo

also sounds good:
Raleigh Roundtree, G, San Diego Chargers: At 26, he has started 31 games the past two seasons. Some personnel men think he had his best season in 2001. At 6-feet-4, 295 pounds, he is athletic enough to pull, yet strong enough at the point. His pass protection showed improvement last season.
Anything that involves San Diego Chargers and offensive line can't be a good thing. The Chargers have the worst line in the league.
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