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Some Observations on former or Would Be Dolphins


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Jul 31, 2002
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In watching some of the games today, I noticed a few of our could have beens:

1. T-Buck: Not a top flight guy, but is consistent and would have been an upgrade for us. We should have signed him.

2. Westbrook: This guy was cut from Dallas and we had him in but declined to sign him. Looked pretty good for Green Bay and had a nice interception but also a pretty close pass interference call.

3. Ben Kelly - Remember him. I think he was a third rounder for us. He is now playing in New England. The moment he came in he was a marked man by Brett Favre. Got called for interference and beat on consecutive plays. Bad pick, lousy player.

Those are just the three I noticed.
Gardner looked real good. He was playing like he is healthy. Pro Bowl player.....:(
I didn't see DG. I guess we always knew that he was good. The questions were about his actions in the locker room and his health.
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