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something to smile about...2


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Sep 11, 2002
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Before the season started, our O-line by far was our most suspect piece to this Dolphin puzzle. I think we have all seen tem step up and take control of the game so far. Jamie Nails has gotten a lot of credit, as has Dixon for changing positions and whatnot. However I would liek to give props to two guys who, this past offseason most fans were claling for their heads to roll. So to Todd Perry and Tim Ruddy...this one's for you!:happydrin

Also, is anyone else still regretting us not having picked up Cris Carter this past offseason? Wit the way the ball has been absent from the wideouts hands this year...oculd you imagine the potential firestorm brewing if we had him right now? Good moves for Wanny and Spielman for just staying par as it has payed off nicely so far.
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