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Spriggs Has Golden Chance...as Well As Baker And Levcik.


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Jan 27, 2002
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Hello Everyone... Obviously, like everyone else....I was very disappointed watching the Bucs game. I am very concerned with the RUN DEFENSE....foremost. That was very discouraging. You know the special teams will come around....but we have got to show improvement fast...particularly when its your first teams starters....people like CHESTER and BOWENS and guys like BROCK MARION...who are not making plays.

There are 3 guys who I believe have "golden opportunities"...to surge ahead of their competition this Thursday.

1. MARCUS SPRIGGS... SPRIGGS will start the first half against the SAINTS.....NOT BRENT SMITH. The offensive line...although they faced many blitz packages...that they did not game plan for.....did not really get anything done in the run game....and had FIEDLER throwing the ball rather quickly. Unfortunately....there was pressure coming in on BRENT SMITH"s LT side the most. His footwork is just not quick enough...and he is getting beat by those quicker DE's...always having to propel his feet...on the angle where the DE is heading.....I don't t think SMITH is madeup for LT...I really don't. He would be much better suited as a guard....where there is no outside space...where he can just "lock-up" and use his feet and hands in a confined area. Smith just cannot be ourt starting LT...that is all that needs to be said.
SPRIGGS is starting against the Saints...and all he has to do....is play well....not even great....and he would be be an upgrade over the struggling SMITH. SPRIGSS looks like he is coming around now....and the coaches really want to see what he can do....with the starting offensive line. This is SPRIGGS big test....all Dolphin fans should be rooting for this guy...to play like he showed early on in the opener against KEARSE and the TITANS last season. I mean....right now...can you imagine if BRENT SMITH had to go against KEARSE for an ENTIRE GAME this season? The botttom line is that DIXON will only shift to LT....that is if SMITH and SPRIGGS cannot handle the position. So far....it looks like DIXON is only half-way there....we will see...if MR. SPRIGGS has something to say about it...

2. ROBERT BAKER.....a fantastic catch....if not 2 or 3. BAKER shows why he is in camp just about every year....before being cut. But things may just change for him...this season. BAKER I believe....now has the slight edge to beat out JEFF OGDEN....if he can continue to impress. This Thursday....BAKER will be given the chance to return both kickoffs and punts. If you guys want JEFF OGDEN off of this roster.....than you would hope that BAKER can hang on to the football...and show something on the run, this Thursday night.
Again....BAKER now really on the spot.....he is right where he wants to be....now....can he hold on?

3. TIM LEVCIK..... Well....after watching ZAK KUSTOK this past game.....its not going to take much to surpass his effort to make the team...as the #3 QB. KUSTOK showed so little this past game....even if LEVCIK passes his way past the 50 yard line...it would probably propel him past KUSTOK's performance. But in reality.....the DOLPHINS really want to see what this kid with the rocket arm does.....as they will let him throw the ball...downfield and see what he can do. They want to see if LEVCIK has the presence in the pocket...they want to see what he does when the rush is coming.....what will he do? They are concerned that he will take the unncecessary sack. The Dolphins would rather see LEVCIk throw the ball....long that is.....into the stands.....rather than take a loss. LEVCIKS footwork is going to be evaluated as much as his accuracy. But if this guy....does connect for a long bomb....its going to be very, very exciting. Lets hope he can do it.....again....a golden opportunity to surge ahead for the #3 job.

Honorable Mention goes to ALBERT JOHNSON. I liked the speed that I saw in this guy when he took the ball on returns. Here is a guy that just may be caught literally....in the numbers game. I wish there were a way....where we could keep both BAKER and JOHNSON. I would not keep OGDEN...this time around. Both JOHNSON and BAKER would strike more fear in a defense than OGDEN.....and I don't care what WANNY says about "all that Ogden does is help you win a football game". Really? Ogden is about as important to the Dolphins winning games as about as important as a HOT DOG being sold on the menu at SHULA's STEAK HOUSE!! (my nephew had one today!)

These are my 3 Golden Opportunity players this week on offense..... I will let you guys do the defense.... how about HENRY TAYLOR? SEAVERNS or JOSHUETTE now that GALYON is hurt...and out for weeks? RAY GREEN and OMARE LOWE...can they make a run? What if O-GUN has another 4 sacks this week?

BEST PICK.....RANDY McMICHAEL....he must start.
CAMP BUST AWARD.......ALONZO MAYES...he will be cut.

VERY GOOD.....the play of RAY LUCAS.
VERY BAD.....the fumble at the 2 by TRAVIS MINOR.

VERY BAD.....RUNDEFENSE/ BROCK MARION looked old out there/ CHESTER and BOWENS one-armed tango acts with PITTMAN and ALSTOTT.

VERY GOOD.....when the game ended...
VERY BAD.......The pathetic analyis of PAUL MAGUIRE on ESPN...saying when MARE MISSED a 52 yarder...."THIS IS WHY HE IS ONE OF THE BEST...BALL RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE"> and also......"THE DOLPHNS GAVE UP ONLY A 5th ROUND DRAFT PICK FOR....RICKY WILLIAMS". Boy....thank goodness that announcers get to do pre-season games.....

VERY GOOD.....The Dolphins play this THURDAY NIGHT....
VERY BAD......THE LEAGUE SHOULD BE FINED FOR ALLOWING THIS TYPE OF SCHEDULE..... THIS IS A JOKE. The DOlphins need to get back at camp....and have some full-time practices...there is lots of work to be done.. and they just cant. This should not happen again... this is a HOME DEPOT 2x4 sponsered event......2 games in 4 nights. The NFL SUITS ought to be hit over the head with a hammer...
I'm glad to see some guys stepping up this year!

I liked the catch McMichael had Monday night, it seemed so natural. I think he has Mayes beat unless Mayes sets the world on fire tomarrow.

Baker has come on, hasn't he? He definately had some nice catches. I hope he can stay healthy because I'm not sure we can stash Ogden on the practice squad (with five years experience) in case he goes down.

I also prefer Spriggs at LT over Smith. I think Spriggs is the better run blocker and that's something we definately need to improve on along the line.

Wanny said that we may keep six LB's. I hope someone steps up because I didn't like what I saw from the backups against TB. It looked like they were out of position a lot and couldn't tackle worth a hoot. I had hopes for Justin Seaverns, but now I'm not sure he can be anything more than an average special teamer.

I hope to hear about some other players stepping up against the Saints. I'm sure some were a little nervous in the Bucs opener, but should settle down a bit with that out of the way. Players I have an eye on are Ray Green, Omar Lowe and Robert Edwards.

:) :) :)
solid analysis DIRTYCASHHOLDIN

Spriggs play tomorrow nite will go a long way to determining whether or not our OL is as deep as it seems. If Spriggs faulters, then we technically have 1 solid OT in Wade. I assume guys like Cesario and C Green are not ready for prime time ?

I am 100% behind Baker (especially since S Simmons was lost ag. TB). He w/b a 10x better WR than Ogden, but has got to prove he can play ST as well.

Levcik would have to really suck to be as bad of Kustok. I nice pass play w/b all it would take to prove he's a better #3
Glad someone agrees with me about Brent Smith getting abused out there cuz he was lettin all kinds of pressure get on our QBs. Gotta realize that both Fiedler and Lucas are great scramblers and don't take sacks...both have good pocket awareness and presence. Even with a sh!tty offensive line, neither is going to take a whole lot of sacks unless its a blitz or they got completely blindsided. Now Smith and Spriggs will switch and this is an opportunity to get a good view of BOTH of them again because Spriggs goes up against the starters, while Smith is protecting a rookie quarterback who is slow-footed and may end up taking the sack rather than bailing out Brent when he allows a DE to blow by him like he's a windmill. So the sack numbers will actually reflect how Smith is doing....against SECOND TEAMERS. And if Smith is in as bad shape as I think he is, then he'll personally allow at least 1 sack against the 2nd teamers.

I'm still an Ogden fan as a receiver, I just don't want him fielding punts unless someone can give me a Jim Fassel-like guarantee that he won't fumble this year. He didn't fumble before, then all the sudden THREE TIMES??? C'mon here...

I said before the game that McMichael wasn't impressing me as much as ya'll made him out to be because he hadn't done anything really under adverse conditions yet. All he had proved was that when he was open and the ball is thrown nicely right into his numbers, he can catch it, turn around and run for a few yards and run out of bounds or get tackled on the first hit. Well he still caught a ball while he was open and it was thrown right to him, but it was in the redzone which scores you double points in my book just for getting open, and he leaped and got flipped up in the air hella nasty, came down with the ball still in his hands, completely uninjured (which is a skill, body positioning and whatnot), and nearly got across the goal line. Then he popped back up like nothing happened and gave the audience a little behind shimmy to show that he was havin a great time out there. I respect that, and it impressed me. Now he would have scored quadruple points with me if his aerial show netted him the TD...but right now I'll go far enough to say that he could be a solid average starting TE in the league eventually
By the way DCH I think the other player that has a golden opportunity is Robert Edwards. He could have played against the Bucs but instead we're playin him against the Saints as I believe the primary backup but it could be interesting to see if he takes over for Travis Minor after halftime, or if he takes over directly after Ricky Williams to see if he REALLY has what it takes to be the primary backup.

But with Edwards' newest groin injury, and Minor's fumble on the goal line recalling to me images of Kevin Faulk playing against us with the Patriots, I'm starting to wish we signed Dorsey Levens to be the primary backup for Williams. Could have had him on a 1 yr deal with incentives. He looked real good with the Giggles...
well put DCH. but i dissagree about ogden. everyone badmouths ogden cus he dropped a few last year. but then he made up for it with excellent returns when we needed them most! he is a solid 5th WR and if wannstedt keeps six, then baker will be the 5th Wr with ogden doing PR. i see baker as a backup PR(unless he shows some dazzle thursday). but make no mistake, Baker gives our WR corps great ability after the catch. we need more of that! mcnight simply cant do that. all he does is burn down field and get open and drop the ball or catch it and get tackled immediatley. baker showed some shake -n-bake!
Originally posted by ckparrothead
By the way DCH I think the other player that has a golden opportunity is Robert Edwards. He could have played against the Bucs but instead we're playin him against the Saints as I believe the primary backup but it could be interesting to see if he takes over for Travis Minor after halftime, or if he takes over directly after Ricky Williams to see if he REALLY has what it takes to be the primary backup.

But with Edwards' newest groin injury, and Minor's fumble on the goal line recalling to me images of Kevin Faulk playing against us with the Patriots, I'm starting to wish we signed Dorsey Levens to be the primary backup for Williams. Could have had him on a 1 yr deal with incentives. He looked real good with the Giggles...

i wouldnt put to much stock in worrying about travis minors fumble. that was a goaline situation. and do you think that we are going to use minor in that situation in a real game? only if they use him as a reciever on a fake. as far as edwards goes, if he can play hurt thursday, he is a keeper, cus his attitude is second to none! his stamina and character is by far superior to anyone on our team for accomplishing what he accomplished. he should have had his leg cut off, instead he is playing football when they said he would never again! if the dude can still play, he will be more of an inspiration to teh team than ricky williams will ever be. in fact, it will make ricky a better RB by seeing what edwards has done!
First off I agree with you're subject of the first post, that Ogden in general gets too much crap and is a pretty good receiver, but everything else comes out of left field man. Ogden didn't drop any balls last year. The reason everyone hates him is because he FUMBLED punt returns 3 times. And McKnight has no shake-n-bake after the catch? Thats one of his strong suits! He catches balls at the line of scrimmage and makes multiple tacklers miss before gaining 10 yards regularly. Don't know what I'm talkin about? See his 2 point conversion I forget which team it was against...maybe the Rams.

And about Minor...I was talking about the job as primary backup for Ricky Williams. If Travis Minor is the primary backup behind Ricky Williams, we're not going to throw Edwards in there just for goal line situations. First off thats not Norv's style. Second, Edwards shouldn't be necessarily better off in goal line situations. What I'm talkin about is if god forbid Ricky Williams gets injured for a few games, who is stepping in and taking 20 carries a game for us? Edwards or Minor? If its Minor then yes indeed he'll be seeing goal line situations.
I haven't seen a lot of this shake and bake from McKnight CK. Yeah he's done it on a few plays but you act as if he does this all the time.

I'm ok with him being a reserve WR but in no way should he be a starter. Not consistent enough.
I doubt with the number od carries Minor had Monday that he will be 1st guy off the bench. I think if Edwards is healthy he'll replace RW after the first few series.
I think McKnights strong suit is his potential Yards after catch. I think that's something Norv will take advantage of with slants during the season.
McKnight must have caught about 7 or 8 screen passes this year and he made a bunch of yards after the catch on all of them. Its been commented on frequently. Ask Ozzy about it.
I can't tell you how disappointed I was when our first pass was a screen Monday night.
Well last year we were really good at screens. Once again we'll be real good at screens and Norv takes advantage of that.
Very good observations DCH..I was very happy to see Spriggs listed as the starter for Thursday's game..I was also surprise to see him playing in the 2nd half of the last game..since he had not been practicing. If he's 90% recovered I think he's an upgrade to Bent..who I think just stinks right now..if he's that badly injuried let him recover..The way he looked the other night can get our QB killed. Odgen is a little afraid of Baker right now..apparently Baker's been having a very good camp..Odgen made the statement "that baker can make 11 guys miss and not even touch him on PR's...apparently in camp baker much have made some spendid returns..we never got reports on them, but I said Odgen must have seem Baker do something for him to make that statement..I like Odgen as a receiver..sure hands, he won't scare any DB's but he will hold onto the ball when it comes his way..I would rather have another PR and KR, one who can scare the D a little..I think Albert J..will have people looking at him and I think R. Baker can do that kind of thing. Wanny says he may keep 6 Wr's...I quantee Odgen will be one..So Baker and Johnson..both with upside will be caught in the numbers game. Omare will be kept out of this game because the injury he got the other night according to reports I've read, so he won't be completing this game. Simons seem lost,,dropped the only punt opportunity he had and generally the forgotten man...
Back to the OL..while Dixon is recovering I would like to see Spriggs and Nails start, just to check that situation. I know the coaches saw what we saw with Brent and that's why Spriggs is starting. I just want to see the running game go early and Nails play provides that..You know we have so much depth almost everywhere, I'm excited to be able to compare these guys,,I love it..
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