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Spriggs on Taylor and Thomas


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May 27, 2002
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What's with these things I hear about Spriggs badmouthing Zack and Jason? Although I haven't heard about it through this MB, I hope some of you can give some details and background on the situation. On other forums, all I read is stuff like, "I can't believe what Spriggs said about Zack and Jason!" but never give details.
Thanks in advance, I'm just curious!
it is not a rumor

here is what Spriggs said in http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/...olphins20jul20.story?coll=sfla-dolphins-front

"For teammates to gang up against somebody when he's going through some trying times, I think that's real chicken s---," Dolphins tackle Marcus Spriggs said. "That's speaking from my heart. I feel the man's invaluable to our team. When he gets on the field, he handles his business. The man's a hell of a player and a hell of a person. We should all be praying for him."
Sprggs basically throught it was wrong of players to go bad mouth another player..i.e. DG..He thought that was chicken sh*t and he expressed himself..He though DG handle his business on the field and DG personal live and bad habits should be prayed for..Can't fault the man for having his point of view..he just saw the situation differently..like a lot of us when we debate players worth.
When I have problems with my wife, I don't get to just split work, and skip out on the things I have to do in life.

It's one thing to have an offensive guy bitch, it's a whole other thing when your fellow drafties, and defensive teammates complain.

Spriggs is welcome to his opinion, but Wannstedt made the right choice.
Yea really, big talk coming from a second string LT with a bum knee.
Originally posted by Adphinistrator87
Yea really, big talk coming from a second string LT with a bum knee.
unfortunately, he is possibly our 3rd best OT
Spriggs is right - in the structure of a team you just don't go backstabbing teammates to the press like Taylor, Thomas, and Madison. These guys acted like jerks.
Those guys on those other MB's (and some here) have completely missed the boat. Spriggs never named any names. He simply stated his opinion on what "teammates" should and shouldn't do.

Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor deny being the ones who went to Wanny. It's just a rumor that caught fire. In reality, all signs point to TIM BOWENS......Gardener's former best friend on the team. Bowens has despised DG for about a year. And it was he who made the passionate, team-oriented speech to Wanny 2 weeks ago.

I don't disagree with Spriggs taking the position that he did. He's being a team player also. Just sees the issue from a different point of view. Maybe DG was nice to him or they became friends. Or maybe he just felt like DG still deserved another chance at that point in time. Lord knows many of us here did. So we can't dog him for what he said because we don't know all the facts. In short, I'm glad Bowens went to Wanny. And I'm not mad at Spriggs for taking the stance he took.

And just a note: Not once have I seen Taylor, Thomas, or Madison talking badly about DG or ANY teammate to the press. Maybe I just didn't see the articles. But honestly, I don't know where you got that one, Steve.
Whatever, who's right, or who's wrong, who pointed whose finger, at who, this is NOT a good situation. The TEAM needs to get behind this situation YESTERDAY. It's over. DG is GONE.

Now, I'm not saying that it has become a problem in the locker room, but it COULD. But then again, so could anything.

I don't think Spriggs should have even commented at all on this situation, if he does indeed, feel that way. So be it. That is team, family business. NOT FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION.

Knowing Wanny's need for no "troublemakers, and boatrockers" like we do, I think this is not a good situation for Spriggs. We all know that Damion Gregory, Ben Kelly, and DG were all sent packing, for more than just on field, ability reasons.

Especially, for a guy coming off a season ending knee injury, this is not a wise choice. Like they say, if you can't say something nice about someone, then just say nothing. Just shut up. Keep your trap shut.

Now, I don't neccasaraly disagree with him, on this being kinda chickenspit, but just handle it in the proper way.

But then again, Wanny never cut Spriggs anyway, right??
Remember, this all happened over a week ago. Things have cooled off. It's over now. Now that camp has started, my money says that the team has completely moved on.

Again, I'm so glad we didn't wait till camp started to make this move.
That's the main reason Wanny did it then, and not a week or two into camp. Get whatever has to be gotten out of the player's systems before camp, and then take care of bidness once camp starts.
You can't blame the guy for expressing how he feels on the issue.I think he is right in a way but Like muck pointed out on how has been a week and every one has cooled off so it shouln't have a negative effect.
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