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St Louis players losing confidence in Martz?


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Sep 9, 2002
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I've been keeping with what's going on in St. Louis, and I hear that soem of the players, including Kurt Warner is growing dissatisifed with Coach MArtz and his play calling.

Some of the things mentioned had to do with the game Sunday agaunst Denver (whose Offense was struggling at the time). Rams went for it on 4th down in the 3rd period, and could have tied the game with the easy field goal attempt. They missed the conversion, and it gave Denver's offense some extra incentive and St. Louis somewhat of a downer.

I think that also might go back to their Superbowl lost to New England, and their lack of using Marshall Faulk.

To me, I think it may be a case of this offense being too dynamic, for the players. That has to be the coaches fault.

Thoughts, opinions please...
The Rams and their grocery bagging QB are going to suck the hind tit this year.
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