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Start of Free Agency - Player news thread.


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Feb 26, 2021
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My point is that we arguably already have the best secondary in the league. Some are coming off of injury, but that's the same other teams as well. (For example, Buffalo, another great secondary, has Micah Hyde coming off injury). Having players coming off of injury doesn't mean they don't count. It's the NFL, every team has players coming back form injury that they will have to rely on.

So if you already have the best secondary in the league, it's tough to say we need or even should add depth to that area. I believe in drafting BPA, especially at premium positions so if a CB is the BPA at some point fine, but I wouldn't go in thinking that's something we need to address.
Great teams build on their strengths. Safe to say that no team is completely without holes in the roster. At a certain level the GM can go BPA with no worries because the lineup is so solid. I feel like in the draft it’s always a combination of either drafting for need or BPA - the draft is so unpredictable with trades and other teams moving up and down the board. Finally you know what they say… You can’t have enough CB’s
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