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Stephen Ross & fallout MEGA Thread

When will Ross sell the team?

  • 2024

  • 2025

  • 2026

  • 2027

  • 2028

  • 2029

  • 2030

  • Who cares, he's not the problem?

  • He will keep it until he wins a SB

  • When he passes

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Mar 12, 2006
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Tampering happens every single day and everyone knows it. The only reason Ross is being punished is because of the lawsuit. Your last statement about Ross ignoring the advice of his football advisers is an extremely dumb and uninformed statement. Every person who made their own money without having rich parents do not ignore their advisers. They might not always agree, but never ignore them.
Ok, so you have inside info on the matter?

You think just because everyone else does it that that makes it ok?

Dont you think its malpractice for his counsel not to advise his boss of the implications of ignoring the rules?

Do you think Ross in in the practice of hiring people for their expert advice and NOT following it?

Im sorry, i think you misdirected the dumb and uninformed portion of that, you should redirect it to yourself my friend.


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Apr 23, 2021
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One obvious thing this does imo and i'm not sure it's posted already. I have no interest of going through 75 pages of material so far to find out.

IF Tua balls out and goes on to play the way some of us things he can then he's going to and should make Miami $$$$ pay him.

Think about all the mental crap this kid has had to endure from this F.O. and not this latest thing centered around replacing him..seemly!

It was D.Watson. Now supposedly Brady and who knows who else? L.Jackson?

Point being if Tua balls out then he and his agent absolutely have the right to make Miami pay premium for his services going forward.

Utter B.S.

Thats ridiculous. If he needs to be coddled that badly he can walk no matter what numbers he puts up, because you're making him sound very mentally weak.

Why do you all have this idea he needs to be coddled so hard?

The bottom line is if your QB is that good you're probably paying a premium regardless. It won't be because of some made up mistreatment he wants revenge for.
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