Stop Crying, It's not over yet!


Feb 9, 2008
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Wow u guys are just amazing. I mean dam we knew we aren't that team yet. Did it feel good to feel the team had a playoff chance, sure did. Guess what we still have that chance. This team still shows PROMISE but we aren't there yet. 

Please stop the crying, Luck look like Peyton Manning out there!!! Now that secondary needed to make a few plays which they didn't on 3rd down or on the drop ints. If the secondary shows up we might have won. 

I see people talking defensive Scheme hey guess what Scheme can't cover the WR without CBs making the plays. Wilson, Sean Smith where dreadful, I mean just plain horrible. Luck did his homework and first started picking on Wilson then getting in Sean Smiths head and getting him. Carrol played the best but if Smith doesn't run in his way or actually INT on the Luck TD pass Carrol might have had a chance to block it. Horrible and games like this is why Sean Smith won't get that big contract. We need help there.

More weapons would be nice at WR, I mean not even TEs getting the ball, that's sad. 

Biggest coaching problem I have is not playing Bush more especially on Passing situations. He needs touches to be productive, either it running or passing. Please get him and Miller in there at the same time!!!!

Think it's time for maybe Mathews and Egnew to get some chances and hopefully Gaffney keeps improving . 

Stop the crying please and this," well coach sucks..... Or ...... tannehill isnt great like Luck." come on kid played good just not as good as Luck but guess what he had a lot more time to throw and dam his WRs where wide open!!!!!! When Tannehill had the time he made plays, Long and Martin where just getting killed on the pass rush, ball had to come out fast. They couldn't even get a screen set up because of pressure while Luck had time to do whatever he wanted.

Kid shows promise and coach came in with good game plan...... The players just didn't make the plays PERIOD, drop ints, giving up third downs conversions over and over,  bad blocking, and what about giving up a gut punch run to end game. 

Guess what we still have a chance for playoffs or just to improve and hopefully by seasons end we have a franchise looking QB and hopefully team improves into next year. (think kid seems that so far, looking good) 

Sooooooo reeeellllaxxxxxx!!!!
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