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Stopping Tony Gonzalez


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Sep 11, 2002
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I just read a preview of this upcoming game where Tony G said the reason he didn't catch more than one ball was due to the many blitzes the Pats put on. This forced him to stay in a block while Green had to throw to the recievers. So if the Dolphins can come with a couple of new schemes and blitz packages we might be able to effectively contain their best recieving threat. Plus Tony is still injured as well.

I also read a report that Linebacker Lew Bush of the Chiefs was cited for DUI. He is still scheduled to start but maybe Vermeil might change his mind or Bush might be thrown off his game a little as well.

Combine this with Kansan City's weak secondary, plus their leading sack man is dinged up with some type of ankle ailment (probable). I see no reason why our Offense can't at least put up 30, hell they might be able to drop 40 on them with some good execution!

Dolphins 37
Chiefs 21

:band: Fire up the Touchdown Band, here comes Ricky!

Good points! My prediction is posted above... 31-17.

The key, though, is to take Holmes out of the game. And, frankly, playing aggressive defense is EXACTLY what I want to see.

I'd like to see us shut Holmes down on 1st and 2nd down, forcing long 3rd downs that become obvious passing situations where we may then pin our d-linemen's ears back... and... you know... SACK ATTACK!!! Corner and safety blitzes would be nice to see, too.

I'd love to have a 5 or six sack effort on Sunday. That and a couple of INT's would be nice.

And that, along with a now "typical" day on offense, and we win.


Oh, and I say we "put" Greenwood on Gonzalez. He's got the best size and speed of all the LB's for it and he could really use to experience (even if it means getting burnt once or twice).
Lew Bush sucks. Nobody in Kansas City gives two sh*ts if he plays. Trust me. I thought TG only caught one pass because he was hurt but maybe not. Either way, we do a horrible job of covering TE's. Just look at that no name from Detroit who was the only guy on Detroit who could move the ball for them. I've never heard of him before so I doubt he was very good. ZT can't stay with Gonzalez anyways. If that blitzing thing is true, then hell we better blitz. Because I wouldn't let Gonzalez get his hands on the ball, he's too good. But I wouldn't be taking advice from the Patriots defense right now. They gave up 30 something points to the Chiefs. If we give up 30 something, we will probably lose.

Miami 29
Kansas City 24
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