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Super Bowl odds as per D. Sheridan


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Mar 7, 2002
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In Todays USAtoday ( last page of the sports)
Dan Sheridans has the Fins at 10,000 to 1
Only Chic, Cleve, Hou and Sf are higher.

I would jump all over that.
10 bucks to win 100,000, imagine watching that Superbowl being a Dolphins fan.
wow...those are some serious odds...imagine if we won the superbowl and i maybe bet 20 bucks....that'd be 200,000 dollars. How awesome would that be. I'd finally become a premium member lol
i think we should be higher yeah, but houston? i think theyd be much higher than that group... they were 7-9 and grabbed some more key additions, hmmm
Wow what is Houstons odds? I am going to vegas with our odds
Its ficticious. You can't bet Sheridan's odds, they're for the newspaper only. He usually does things like make the 65th team in the NCAA tourney 1 trillion to 1.
SuperMarksBros. said:
70-1, hmm, cards are 70-1 as well. green's drafted well and has picked up key free agents. there's a team that could make alot of noise.

not updated after draft. said:
2006 Super Bowl
Event Date: Feb. 5, 2006/ Last updated April 12, 2005

The Draft was April 23rd and 24th
You whimps, I have a 100 for odds like that. :D
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