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T-minus 4 1/2 hours till game time


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Feb 12, 2002
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We need to change things up on offense. How about using 2 tight ends more often? Or putting Edwards or Minor in the backfield with Ricky. That way if they key on Ricky give it to Minor on the outside. We need more misdirection!
We need to give Ray a solid sense of what to do when blitzed - which is where Carter and McMichael come in. We also need to get Ricky heavilty involved in the passing game as well as Konrad - that is how to mix it up. If we are gonna run, we should run behind Nails and Dixon and McMichael - that's Ricky's strong point.

There is no way we go to 2 HBs O
Originally posted by LeftCoastPhin
Why not?
it is not part of our O or any O in the NFL AFAIK. A replacement type of misdirection works by play action to Ricky and throwing short to a TE or FB.
I realize this, however it is beyond me why it isn't experimented with. I think it would work wonderfully. Our main focus is to run the ball, right? Well, it stands to reason that when teams stack 8-9 at the LOS then we need to adjust accordingly by throwing the ball OR give the D a little extra to think about. Could you imagine how hard that would be to defend when you dont know if Williams is gonna pound the middle or if Minor is gonna bust one outside? On top of that , Ray could throw it as well. To me, it's worth trying but nobody wants to be uncoventional these days. Remember Kiick and Cszonka in the same backfield? That seemed to work.
Czonka was a FB. Using Ricky as a decoy and running Konrad inside the Ts would work, but not sure Konrad is really a good enough runner. The closest we have seen to this was TB with Alstott and Dunn and that only worked sporatically and they did not always play in the same backfield. Denver is using Mike Anderson as a FB which gives them flexibility, but not the same size for blocking.

The reason people would rather use 2 TEs and a single back or a FB and HB is that having that extra blocker take up a defensive man is more important than trickery throughout the course of the game. Trickery will work for 1 play every few games, but not consistently.
Right, I was only referring to a few times a game. I would also like to see Minor and Edwards play more and run the ball with Ricky gettting a blow.

At any rate, we need to do whatever it takes to run the ball effectively if we stand a chance. Unfortunately, that will take Ray making some plays to keep the D honest. Christ, how friggin hard is it to dump the ball off or to get it to the TE 8 yds down the field. If Ray tanks tonight, I dont know what I'm gonna do. I was so upset against Buffalo I can hardly stand it!

If he lays an egg in the 1st quarter, I would bring in Sage. But I'm sure Wanny would wait till it's to late. That's one of the few critisisms I have with Wanny, he sometimes is to hesitant to yank a struggling player.
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