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Tampa Tribune Shoots Down PFT Article


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Aug 13, 2003
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Not that any of us actually believed those fools over at PFT.


For the second time in two weeks, Webster was linked to another NFL team on an Internet site, profootballtalk.com, which suggested Wednesday that the Dolphins are interested in hiring him as general manager.

On April 16, the same site posted a rumor that Webster was headed to Seattle after the draft to join former Bucs personnel executive Tim Ruskell, recently named president of the Seahawks.

Webster would not comment on Wednesday's report, but confirmed he has a year left on his contract.

He signed a new deal with Tampa Bay after Bruce Allen replaced Rich McKay as general manager.

Even if Webster wanted to leave, the Bucs likely would attempt to enforce his contract.

In recent years, Tampa Bay has blocked the departure of several assistants, including defensive line coach Rod Marinelli and special teams coach Rich Bisaccia.

According to league regulations, front-office personnel under contract cannot leave unless they become ``high-level employees'' with ultimate authority regarding personnel decisions.

In Seattle, Ruskell has the final say in personnel matters.

There are lingering rumors Miami general manager Rick Spielman is on shaky ground with the arrival of new coach Nick Saban, but even if Spielman departs, Saban is expected to retain final personnel authority.

As a matter of policy, the Bucs have enforced contracts during the Allen regime.

``You give up some things for added security,'' Allen said last year.


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May 2, 2002
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It just makes me sick that enough idiots follow and propogate their website, that a LEGITMATE news site has to print rebuttal stories stories based on their "rumors" (aka a fan on a message board threw it out there and we printed it as a "source")
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