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Testing to see if my picture comes up.

-81- McMichael

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Sep 11, 2002
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St. Augie-Doggie
Just a test ya'll!

How you like my picture?

Ok, here's a question:

Who do you think has the best picture on this board?
Well, that didn't seem to work!

Can anyone point out to me what I'm doing wrong here, please?

I want my picture of McMichael to show up beneath my user name like the rest of you. :cry: BWAAAAAH!!!


Thanks in advance!
What I want to know is how things like "Veteran" or Superbowl MVP show up under your name????

Yours is Rookie today. one day it might be MVP or something.
Make sure you click on Custom Avatar. pick your picture and submit...you don't have to do a test page..to check it just go back to the user options and go down to the avatar section, if your picture is sucessful you will see it there..if it's not there..then try the steps again..
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