Thank God for the Jets, at least we wont suck alone.


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Apr 29, 2007
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The jets have a top 5 defense that will keep them in every single game. And we will have tebow magic starting for us by week 3.The dolphins will have another 1-15 season and will be searching for a new gm and coaching staff come feb.The bright spot for the fins is that you will take matt barkley with the number 1 pick come april.
My turn: Sanchez's testicles still won't descend. He'll be crying on the sidelines, all alone after throwing his 3rd pick six in 4 games. Opponents facing Tebow will be watching the Denver film closely where out of their last 5 games, Tebow lost 4 of 'em. Not that it matters since you have Tony The Meatball calling your plays and fistpumping FGs. Rex is on borrowed time and after he finishes 7-9, essentially his 3rd non winning season (not counting egregious Ind charity) out of 4 years, and his clubhouse again implodes, he will be shown the door along with your beancounter. Oh and it's fitting you should have that particular nick as he's a career-mediocre player whose admission to the HOF is a general travesty and insult to worthy players still waiting to get in like Chris Carter. Oh, and whomever replaces Tannenbaum will flip Sanchez for 6th rounder to a team that's still delusional enough to think he even qualifies as the second string backup.
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