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That was the worst coached football team I have ever had the misfortune to watch


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Dec 12, 2001
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If you had to sum up the season with 1 word I would use "unprepared". You have a horrible penalty problem all year, more missed tackles than I can count, a offensive cordinator that only know of 2 running plays, a punt returner who, when not fumbleing, calls fair catches w/20 yards of open room in front of him, a rb on the sideline that has done nothing, but make things happen while the starter is averaging 2ypc, did I mention missed tackles? The further this team gets away from the Jimmy Johnson era the less heart they play with. Bottom line Dave didn't prepare this team to play this week, or last.
Im tellin you guys, Wanne SUCKS! Gailey certainly made some bad play calls today though, like running Lamar Smith with three minutes left in the game. Fiedler and Chambers both played very well though. McKnight also had some very nice catches.
Yea, I dunno, I am not sure Dave should take all the blame for this. If Lamar doesn't fumble (again) and Jed Weaver doesn't fumble, it's a different game.

I don't even want to put any more blame on the offense then that. Yes Lamar needs to go, he needs to sit down right now, and we need to see Minor in the game.

THE DEFENSE...holy cow. almost 200 yards rushing? IT WAS A. SMITH cryin out loud!!!

If it is all because Daryl Gardener is out, then wow I never realized how much Daryl meant to this defense. However I think it is a lot worse then that.

In my opinion, Brian Walker should be playing up on the line, and Brock Marion should play center field. Leave Surtain and Madison on and Island, with just Marion deep to help.

Then we need to get some kind of serious linebacker help. Unless Greenwood makes HUGE strides in the offseason, that was one hell of a crap pick.

Maybe Lamar should switch to linebacker, he sure likes to cause turnovers!! lol

It was a good year up till the end. I had fun, but now I am done. I will post and such, but my heart just isn't in it anymore.
We need a new playbook. The reason we can't run is that every single running play is the exact same. Our runs are very predictable.
I have to disagree 87. If the team was prepared to play today Lamars fumble wouldn't matter. How many penalties took us out of 1st and goals, or inside the 10? How many penalties kept New England drives going? How many times can you run Lamar straight up the middle for no yards, before you realize it's not working? Why is Lamar on the feild anyway? He has done nothing all season, but Dave blindly keeps him in. The defense did look bad at times, but in their defense they were on the feild the whole first half. The first couple drives they came up big, but ran out of gas, due to 2 turnovers.
87 you're to soft. We need to clean house starting with Wannstedt and his vanilla philosophy.
clean house...

Here's my 10 offseason solutions to make this team a real winner! It's almost impossible to do all, but with the right GM we can accomplish at least most of these things

1) draft a rookie QB
2) pick up in FA an estb. Tailback
3) grab 2 linebackers that can produce... i want 1 FA (i heard jessie armstead might be a FA), and a rookie
4) draft Marco Colombo from BC and put him at LT
5)start Chambers already! our best WR by far for TD's
6) new KR and PReturners... no more Ogden, he SUCKS
7)New Head Coach, (8)DC, and (9)OC... just ship in a new staff from somewhere else like Jimmy did in Dallas in 89
10) discover a new starting QB

any thoughts?
We are cap-strapped, maybe we should leave some higher paid players (Darryl Gardner) subject to the expansion draft. He is always hurt anyway. And we do need to draft some OL.
cap and draft

gardner to expansion and let all the crappy OLineman backups (swayne and perry) go. maybe even get rid of Deidrick ward or McKnight... shouldnt have both w/ Chambers and Gadsden. Any high money players need to go that arent producing
I have to go with 984. Keep all 4 WR, it has worked out. Dedric Ward has made some big catches this year and is very fast, McKnight has struggled but is fast and was good today, Chambers is amazing, and Gadsden is an overachiever but does get the job done. It is more of a threat to have 3 or 4 good WR. Imagine how good we would be with a great QB.
Another Thing

Ward is only making one million a year, I don't know how much McKnight is making but I don't think it is more than 2 mill per, and he had 900 yards last year with Dallas. Before the season started, I thought McKnight would get over 1000 yards this year, and would supplant Gadsden. I was wrong, but I still think he is a good WR.
we need to find a rb in fa, we need to draft at least 1 0-linemen, and 1 d-line, draft or sign a olb, fire Dave and co, and hire someone to light a fire under the guys we have.
venting, feel better

I do agree with Dajesus,
I'm really stating to wonder about the coaching problems here. They have penalty problems all year long and it's still not corrected. Lamar some how manages to fumble the football on the 2 yard line with BOTH HANDS on it (AGAIN) and that's still not corrected. How about some ball handling drills?
Loose footballs are laying next to Dolphin players and not being recovered! How about some loose ball drills? If I were a player, I would swarm to the tackle ASSUMING THE BALL HAS COME FREE! How many recoveries are missed because an opposing player recognized the ball is loose1 or 2 seconds earlier?
Bring the damn corner/safety blitz more often! We see how effective blitzing up the middle has been! Let Madison and Surtain make the plays on the corner and bring the heat off the blindside! I was calling for that all day (year, actually) and look what it did! If it aint broke, STEAL IT! Take a few pages from the play books of teams that are blitzing well.
As for Jay, I must say I feel bad for him. I feel he played good enough to win, but he needs a better supporting cast! Look at all those dropped passes! And when they were caught, look at all those fumbles! He must be thinking, what more do I have to do?
As for personnell changes next year. I think they can win with Jay. I know he's no Marino or Warner or Favre. But I think he's
proven that, given time to throw, he can makes plays. Five 4th quarter comebacks don't happen if you suck.
The O-line needs an overhaul. They are just pathetic. However, you need to evaluate the talent coming back when considering your moves here. Will Spriggs and Smith return healthy enough to effective? They should draft for this position just for the sake of depth if nothing else. Draft one, maybe sign a good FA that won't cost too much.
RB. Why does a playmaker like T Minor sit while Smith continues to struggle? Again, if aint broke steal it. Steal some Rams plays that could get him involved ala Faulk. Not to say he's that good, but it seems to me that he's about the same size/speed. I think Smith could be gone based on the turnovers alone. I know he's struggled running because of the crappy line. But HOW DO YOU FUMBLE CARRYING THE BALL WITH TWO HANDS?!?!?!!? Bring him into camp next year (like anyone's going to want to sign him now) and see. Draft 1 at this position, look for FA help. Maybe some late round magic?
WRs. Don't touch em. I think this is one of the best 4player tandems out there.
I think we can all see what the loss of Armstrong and Gardner have done to the D. Definitley draft a DE to bring pressure from the left side. Pressure from the front 4 = INTs. Maybe make that the first pick. Also must condsider if Gardner will be dependable when he gets back.
Special teams. Ogden is playing himself right of the team. Don't waste a roster spot on him. But I must say he did make a couple key plays at WR today. But just as bad at returning. Pretty happy with the rest of them, thought they might totally suck after Westhoff was let go.
But hey, could be worse. We could be Lions fans.
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