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the 2002 season

stan marino

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Apr 27, 2002
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is it just me or is this upcoming season taking forever to start??? im looking forward to this upcoming season more than i ever have. have i just followed this offseason more closely? is it the rw trade? im not exactly sure, but every team in the league seems to have a shot at the superbowl. every team seems to have addressed they're glaring needs. colts got a defencive minded coach...tampa got a offencive minded coach...buffalo got a qb...raiders might have a defence(a grey haired one but still capable of at least one more year)...denver improved on its offence even more...san diego has a few up and comers...kc still has holmes...seahawks have shelved the qb experiment...pittsburgh tough def. all coming back...rams are the rams...packers made interesting moves that could pan out...skins got a defencive coach and offensive coach...jets r still tough got some FA's(we must sweep them though just to cleanse our football souls)...bears r young and talented...minnesota signed defensive FA's...san fran signed everyone back...atlanta is about to unleash vick(damn did he look good against us last year, that bomb he threw on the run was impresive)...philly is also a tough team...the list goes on....

i know ive babbled for a while here, but its still months away, and i already cant wait. We can sit here and argue with bills fans or whomever, but you never know how any of its going to turn out.

i apologize to anyone who actually read this whole thing
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