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The 4 Spot is the Sweet Spot!


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Mar 13, 2006
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I say the Phins should trade up to the 4th overall pick with the Browns because it puts us in a prime position to fill any number of needs. Higher picks are usually safer ones as well since the top picks are more widely scrutinized for flaws and weaknesses. Nothing is a sure thing, but it definitely minimizes the risk compared to that of a lower pick. The trade should be done during the thick of FA so we can plan accordingly.

We all know that Luck is a lock for the #1 overall. After that everyone is just speculating. The Vikings and Rams may trade their picks away to get multiple picks later on, so any number of things can happen. However playing a simple numbers game... if we were able to trade up we would have the option of either Blackmon, Kalil or RGIII. All 3 of them are players I would be happy with for different reasons.

Ideally, I would like Blackmon and then pick up rookie QB to groom and a TE in the 2nd or 3rd rounds respectively. Blackmon will be the next Andre Johnson or Megatron type player. A game breaker, that opposite Marshall could do inflict some damage on opposing D's. This would only be made sweeter if we had already signed Flynn in FA. More likely to happen if the Skins or someone else trades w/ the Vikes or Rams because they are afraid we will get their RGIII if we sit at the 4 spot.

Kalil is the undisputed top OT in the draft. Columbo would get the boot and he would take the RT spot, and if Jake Long gets another injury bug, he could plug in at LT. Think about it... Long, Pouncey and Kalil... plug in some quality guards via FA or the late round draft picks. Perhaps someone on the roster can step up... and we will have a beast of an OL. Not a flashy pick but you need quality play in the trenches. In the later rounds you can again go for QB in the 2nd round to sit behind Moore and then a playmaker... ie a WR or TE in the third round.

The last option and most risky of the picks is RGIII. People can finally stop whining that we never draft a QB in the first round, because this is your guy. The talent is there, but obviously you would like a veteran at the helm. If done properly, we would have made this trade far in advance and picked up say Jason Campbell if getting Flynn falls through. We then use Matt Moore as trade bait with the Browns to swap picks or use the pick received for Moore as ammunition to trade up. Alternatively, we could have Matt Moore compete with RGIII for the starting QB position and let the best man win. Ultimately, the more competition the better at the position I say. Montana was awesome because he had Young nipping at his heels when he started to slip.

So how to get the 4th overall pick? You need to package some picks and maybe some players to go with it.

On the Block:

Daniel Thomas - flashes of brilliance but often injured- Browns need some young talent to be infused at the position
BenJarvis Green-Ellis could be brought in as a bruiser to compliment Bush

Matt Moore - would replace their Colt McCoy for the Browns
Matt Flynn or Jason Campbell would provide veteran leadership for 2012 and could groom a young gun draftee.

Anthony Fasano - respectable but not elite TE in a position of need for the Browns
Roll the dice and draft a rookie replacement or throw some cash Fred Davis' way.

D-linemen - an area of need for the Browns and a position of plenty for us
I say let Nolan pick an unheralded replacement via FA and draft a late rounder (6-7 rd) at the spot.

So combo these positions with say a swap of our first round picks and throw in a late round pick like 5th round or later for good measure if needed.

Here's an unbiased report stating Cleveland should trade down.

.S. First order of business is to get Flynn. Then concentrate on FA's of other needs mainly S, OL LB and TE. The focus of the draft though should be all O, with a few late round exceptions.


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Dec 20, 2010
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More like 3 is the sweet spot.

Browns might be looking for a QB as well.

So any trade up would basically have to be with the Rams or Vikings.

Draft day will be a stare down contest as to what team will trade up to what spot for RGIII.

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May 27, 2005
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Now that Miami lost out on Jeff Fisher, I think the Dolphins will be more of a player for Robert Griffin III. Not just because of his talent, but getting the fan base excited about this miserable franchise again.
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