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The ACHANE experience!

I'd never seen anybody else make the comp. before , but I just found this:

It’s a good comp, no doubt. But I don’t believe Dunn is faster, if even as fast, than Achane.

Achane’s electronic 40 time is much more reliable and impressive than Dunn’s hand-timed 40.

Also, Achane‘s best time in the 100M was 10.14 in college. The records I found on Dunn were 10.3 and 10.4 while at FSU.

FWIW, Tyreek Hill’s personal best is 10.19 according to research records. But IIRC that time was run while he was in HS.
Yeah he had some good moments. I worry about Allen big play ability to be honest x needs to work harder to lock down his wr asignment

What gives you the impression that he isn’t working extremely hard?

I understand hoping he plays up to the highest standards possible, but questioning his work ethic is a massive reach. Unless there’s proof to support such a claim, that’s a poor angle to take.
Very impressed with Achane. We have our RB for the future! Also impressed with Brooks, the thunder to Achane's lightening.
And lets not forget that Mostert is really showing us something this season! Great start to the season!
It was amazing to see both TE Julian Hill and RB Achane in our gameplan to the degree they were given opportunities. Achane was lightnining in a rod and his explosive nature showed that the NFL stage isn't too big for him. TE Hill had a few missed blocks, but overall he did a fantastic job. I was surprised he didn't catch any passes, but really the way the RB's and Wr's were wide open and experiencing RAC all game long that doesn't mean Julian Hill wasn't getting open. There were more than a few times I saw him open but someone else was too and so he didn't get the ball thrown his way.
Both of these guys are going to be great players for us. Achane is already my favorite Fin this year!
With Conner williams injury and Eich's struggle at Center vs the broncos, I hope we stopp playing around with the Center position and get Uluave in there on our active roster soon. He's clearly a solution if we need someone we can count on there. Bad snaps and penetration kill any offensive scheme but especially timed motion/shift typesof offenses like ours. The snaps must be superb or it can lead to turnovers, hits on the QB, or struggles to drive the ball.
For me Warrick Dunn is the comp. Similar size, almost identical speed. Tough runners. Most of their runs were inside runs. Dunn wore bigger shoulder pads and he was a little more herky-jerky, but other-wise very similar. More similar than any other player I can think of.
It's true that he's tough to draw comps to because he runs a lot harder to tackle than most backs under 190. RB James Brooks is the one that comes to my mind when talking about his running toughness, but there is a father and son duo from way back that played for the Cards - Dad , Browns - son that have his vision and movement. Terry and Eric Metcalf also shared some of Achane's attributes in the open field. The combination of his explosive nature with how hard he runs the ball is complemented by the fact that he keeps his feet and doesn't allow himself to get tripped up. If you don't slam Achane down when you tackle him he is going to break the tackle using his bag of tricks. Honestly, I'd take Achane over any of the RB's we've mentioned, even Dunn.
Achane looks so much bigger now than when he was in college.
He ALWAYS looked much bigger than he was, because of the build of his lower body and the toughness with which he runs. Nice to see everyone else coming around (how could you not?) to the reason I told the Fins to draft him two years ago.

He has, quite simply, the fullest complement of attributes of any RB I've seen in at least 20 years:

Balance, Vision, Strength, Speed, Fundamentals, Toughness, Receiving and route-running ability, Willingness to block, Efficiency (north-south runner) and then package all that in a humble, team-first, no prima donna attitude and you have the best of all worlds.

I'm not saying he's necessarily BETTER than every RB in the last 20 or 30 years, but I AM saying he has more of the complete list of attributes you would want in a RB than any other RB.
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