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The bottom line


Jan 3, 2007
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the bottom line is we are rebuilding. we need to add talent all over the field. so what do you do in this case? you draft the best player available at the time at a position where we dont have a young stud at. So that means no adrian peterson at 9. Between the following based on our teams rankings we should draft.

Calvin Johnson, Joe thomas, and jamarcus russel are guaranteed to be gone by our pick. so based on that and those players that may fall this is how i think our draft board will look.

Brady Quinn
Gaines Adams
Alan Branch
Jamaal Anderson
Laron Landry
Chris Houston (now the #1 cb in this draft)
Levi Brown

Personally, im hoping quinn, adams, branch or anderson falls. If not i will be very happy with landry. I just dont want to reach for leon hall, ted ginn jr, or another player. Levi Brown had a horrendous combine and has dropped significantly and is not even close to worth the 9th overall anymore. Houston has flown up draft boards and is now considered top 15 so we may see that scenario fall into place.

And all those thinking were trading up for quinn are rediculous. There is a very solid chance he gets past minnesota and then hes ours
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