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The Chris Carter thing is getting old...


Feb 21, 2002
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Carter, who had 73 catches for 871 yards and six touchdowns last season, has called running back Ricky Williams and quarterback Jay Fiedler to say he would like to play for the Dolphins.

But Carter, 36, has been making similar comments to other teams, leading some NFL executives to question Carter's sincerity.

''I don't know if he thinks we're stupid or what, but the act is getting pretty old,'' said an NFL executive who requested anonymity.

I bet this guy was a Philly exec. I think CC is in a one man musical team contest and the music has already stopped. I get a bad feeling that we are going to get him.
in his defense

'He told me, `Coach, I've made $18 million in the last three years. This isn't about the money. I want to win a title,' '' Martz said.

Carter told Sports Illustrated: ``I've got the right ego to fit in. What difference does it make if I catch 50 balls or 90? I want, just once, to be on the last team standing.''

Chris Carter - on the field - is like getting OJ back in his prime
Chris Carter on the side lines and in the locker room is like getting OJ simpson now. :lol: :D
I wouldn't go THAT far and CC sounds alot better than that Victor Riley guy out in KC.
I would be happy to get him and would consider it a great move. You dont have to worry about his sideline behavior cause he only does that when his team is losing and we wont be doin that to often.
but we need to hurry up and get him so he can get a few DB and WR to come work out with him because you cant even say he doesnt have an excellent work ethic.
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