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The d isn't off thehook


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
For what is supposedly the strength of out team, they looked horrible out there today. You could see them almost give up after the first int Jay threw. Granted it sucked they had to go right back on the field after they just shut down the offense, but that was rediculous. So many missed tackles. It starts w/the big guns. Zach is supposed to be the leader, but yet he got used like like a kleenex tonight, and Jay Taylor how ru going to not bring down the qb when he only weighs 183 pounds? Bottom line this d lacks charicter and acountability. This is where we miss Trace. There is no one there to pick thease guys up mentally when things aren't going right. One last thing, why the hell is Jim Bated sitting in the press box? He needs to be down there yelling at thease guys and getting them amped. I say bring Buddy Ryan out of retirement.
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