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The Fantasy Feeling: Week 2


Mar 7, 2002
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Weston, FL
This is a new column that will be written weekly so you can get the upper edge in your fantasy football league. It should grow in size as I get more experience and suggestions. I really hope you enjoy it.

Grab These Guys Now:
James Tuthill – Conway is done for the season so pickup Tuthill, Washington’s new kicker. Washington puts up lots of points and Tuthill should rack up many points as well.

Shane Matthews – If this guy is still out on waivers in your league, snap him up. Last week’s numbers were no fluke. If he stays healthy, he could have a big year.

Randy McMichael – I am sure many of you probably already have this guy if he was ever on waivers. But if he is still there, he will perform for you. His numbers could look more like a receiver’s by the end of the year.

Trent Green – This guy’s numbers will be a lot better than last year’s. He led the league in interceptions last year but he was unfamiliar with the system and the timing of the patterns that he was often confused. This year he has it down and has many weapons around him. He should get some good numbers and the picks should be down.

Qadry Ismail – Qadry’s two touchdowns last week will start to become normal. With defenses worried about Harrison in the redzone, he is often the one who is double covered which leaves the second wideout, Ismail, usually on man-to-man coverage, which Manning likes. Ismail will get the ball often and should rack up some big numbers this year.

Dump These Guys Now:
Michael Bennett – Well, it doesn’t look like Bryant McKinnie will be playing at all this season and that is a huge blow to Bennett. The o-line is awful in Minnesota so until Bennett has a huge breakout game, I would not count on him putting up any numbers this year.

Quincy Carter – Carter is by FAR the worse starting QB in the NFL now. Watching him not being able to complete a pass against Houston was pathetic. If you were one of the sorry souls who drafted him, cut him now and save yourself before he loses games for you. Heck, whoever Cincy suits up week after week is better.

Detroit’s Defense – Alright, I know as Dolfans everyone thinks their defense wasn’t bad, we were just real good. Well, I have news for you, giving up 49 points to a team with the talent level on offense (especially o-line) like the Dolphins is just pathetic. Maybe it’s one week too early to cut but if this defense is even close to as bad as they were last week against the Panthers this Sunday, we know that they will be awful this year.

Start ‘Em:
Johnnie Morton – Kansas City is really good in Arrowhead and put up 40 points last week on one of the best defenses in the league, Cleveland’s. This week they get one of the worse defenses, Jacksonville, at home and that could mean tons of points. Look for the Chiefs to drop back and throw often to pick on that weak Jacksonville secondary.

Shaun Alexander – Don’t let last week’s dismal performance scare you. Shaun Alexander is still a great player who just had a rough day. This week he gets Arizona at home who is pathetic on defense. Shaun Alexander will have some big stats.

Travis Henry – Although some people may think Henry’s performance last week was a fluke, I think he will play just as well for the rest of the season. Minnesota marks the next victim and Buffalo should be in the redzone plenty, which means lots of redzone chances for Henry.

Michael Vick – Even though Vick is playing the Bears, he is at home. He played exceptionally well at Lambeau last week and I believe he will only be better at home. I think Vick should have another good game this week.

Randy McMichael – I get the feeling that Indy’s main goal this week will be to stop Ricky Williams. They can do that if they stuff 7 or 8 guys in the box. But once that happens, Norv will send McMichael down the middle of the field and he will be wide open. McMichael should have a big game this week in Indy.

Bench ‘Em:
Clinton Portis – Hopefully for you Portis owners out there, Clinton will get more than a few carries a game. However, that time still has not come yet and Portis probably won’t get many more carries this week against the 49ers.

Emmitt Smith – I doubt Emmitt will have many games much better than the one he played last night which was not very good. He didn’t get many yards and got no TD’s against a weak Texans defense. This week won’t be any easier with the Titans coming to town.

Tiki Barber – Tiki is still not 100% and it won’t help much that they have to play in St.Louis. I expect the Giants to go down early and then they will throw the ball all day. It doesn’t look good for Tiki to get many touches this weekend.

Jerome Bettis – The Raiders did a great job of shutting down the Seahawks’ offense last week and I expect them to do the same against the Steelers. That could mean trouble for Bettis and his fantasy owners. Be safe this week and sit him.

Remember, if you need ANY of your fantasy questions answered, fire them away to I try to read and respond to my email every day but don’t overload me with emails on Sunday mornings. Also, feel free to let me know your opinions and any suggestions you may have to the column. Thanks, and enjoy the new column!
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