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The future of the TE position


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Feb 3, 2002
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Here's a question for DCH and/or anyone with an answer or opinion.

If Alonzo Mayes continues his strong showing and wins the starting TE spot, what do you think will happen at the TE position in the future?? I think Shawn Draper's days are numbered. And Ed Perry will always have a spot until somone else unseats him. So we'll probably carry 4 TEs again.

Now more to the point.

Lets just say that Mayes wins the job, stays healthy in 2002, and becomes everything we hoped he would be. How will this affect the TE position in 2003?? I've gotta think that Weaver would be the one to get the boot, finally opening up that extra roster spot. A combination of Mayes and McMichael in 2 TE sets would be very formidable.

Fire away.
That's my thinking. Weaver is a limited player, and if Mayes and McMicheal play up to their talent, then there is no need to keep Weaver.

Draper was a jack of all trades/master of none player who isn't good enough at any single thing to make the team. I'm still scratching my head on why they drafted him.

I do like Mayes's potential. He was my top rated TE in the 1998 draft.
I thought we'd put him on the OL. Maybe they were looking for the heir apparent to Hunter Goodwin. Who knows.

But I wish we would have put him on the OL. IMO, his career isn't over when we release him. I think he'll catch on somewhere and they'll put him on the OL and make a project of him.
He never had the strength to be an offensive lineman. Under Mike Dubose, the Alabama strength and conditioning program was horrible. Draper was extremely weak in the upper body. He may catch on somewhere like Grey Ruegamer did, but they both had the same problem. They weren't strong enough.
Man, I can't stop thinking about a Mayes/McMichael combo. It could give us a similar threat that the Colts enjoyed with Pollard and Dilger. It's at least a year away, but I can still dream.
You mean a Mayes/McMichael combo, don't you?
Oops!! I sure do. Let me fix that ASAP!!!


I agree with KB's assestment that DRAPER is not good enough in any capacity to survive this roster of TE's. DRAPER is not a good fit with what NORV is trying to do...there is no need for any more bullish--HUNTER GOODWIN..types....please go right ahead...and throw out DRAPER right now....his days are numbered.

As far as looking all remains unclear. If MAYES can stay on the field...he will challenge WEAVER for the starting job. MAYES is a better blocker than WEAVER...although MAYES is not a great blocker either...and needs to improve there. BUT MAYES has the best size/speed ratio that the coaches seem to like. MAYES can get down the field....if he can stay around the 260 pound mark....I think he could be the starter...when its all said and done.

I am beginning to feel that NORV views WEAVER....much more like the raw McMichael..... A Situational-Type TE.

As far as McMICHAEL is concerned....I don't think he is going to be ready for the main stage...until at least mid-season. He needs to be molded into a pro TE....the nuances of where to be...and what to look for. This will take time...but the potential is there.

ED PERRY is only listed as a TE....but really.....he is like a last resort....break the glass if you have to play TE. PERRY is really a special teams the coaches minds.

If we are going to keep 4 TE's....technically with PERRY......this will surely leave at least one of these guys on the Inactive list...during the games...

The TE position right up for far as the rank and file go.
McMichael is the likely candidate to be inactive then, since he needs to learn the ropes so to speak.

As you stated though, the key with Alonzo Mayes is if he can stay on the field.

You know KB.....that reminds me.

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While we are on the subject of TE's and MAYES.....


Here we go...
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