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The ghosts of the '72 dolphins

Literally just finished watching this. Truly awesome.

Also, don't know why... but feeling like this team right now, 2023, is destined for something great. Feeling is overwhelming.
Makes you realize how special what they did truly was that even over 40 years later they were celebrated at the White House. Truly a historic achievement that might never be repeated.
This video is incredible. EmpLemon is an amazing creator and has some really great content, but this one really hit home. It's a watch at 54 minutes long, but it is truly worth it for any Dolphins fan. Highly, highly recommend.
Awesome! Couldn’t stop watching. A reminder of why I’m a Dolphin fan. Saw the glory days when I was in high school. Hopefully will see some more memorable times before I check out. Go Fins!
Posted it in Coach Mike's thread, it's a damn fine video and well worth anyone's time to watch it.
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