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The importance of QUALITY depth


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Mar 10, 2002
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With all the recent hoopla and talk of finally getting to the BIG ONE, I would like to bring up a point that seems to bite us in the ass EVERY year.
This is a huge part of the game.
All teams expeirence them, to some extent or the other.
Us Dolfans seem to think that we have more than our share of injuries compared to other teams.
Maybe, maybe not.
I don't know about that.
Perhaps it is just because as close as a lot of us follow the team, we are just more aware of dolphin injuries than those of other teams.
So, with the injury factor being a given, I would just like to see us make plans now for those inevitable injuries.
Yes, it is kind of much when you lose 3 left tackles in one year, but, if you have as many QUALITY players as possible, you should be able to overcome most injuries.
Did we really think that Heath Irwin was quality?
So, when we talk about signing this guy, or drafting that guy, we need to keep in mind : what hapens if this guy needs to play for any extended period of time?
Can he do the job, or will we just hope to "hide" him in masterful "schemes" that our coordinators come up with (See Spencer Falauo).
Look at out DLine injuries last year.
When DG went down, a lot of fans (myself included) thought that Jermaine Hailey and Ernest Grant would be able to pick up the slack. Well, we found out that they were not up to the task.
We can go on and on, from position to position, but the bottom line is: there will be injuries. When they hapen, you need to have backups that are capable of picking up the slack and performing at a high level and not have too much of a noticable dropoff.
In this day and age of the salary cap and numbers crunching, the teams that are lucky enough to have minimal injuries, but yet have quality depth when they do occurr, will be the big winners IMO.
So very will be nice to see who is on the team come Sept.
That may already have been addressed by the 'Fins at the RB position. I believe Edwards would do very well if he had to come in and spell Williams for a game or two due to injury (knock on wood :eek: ) The O-Line still needs some depth and hopefully they can address that through some UFA pick-ups and a draft pick or two. The D-Line situation has hopefully been solved with Chester.

The injury bug has bitten the 'Fins a lot, especially during the last half of the season, for the past couple of years. Hopefully that curse has been lifted and the 'Fins can get back to their winning ways...playoff style. :D
Good thought.

I guess the cap is an influence, having quality at depth positions is limited by what you can buy for the available cap headroom. Who backs up Zach.

Tough though he is, that injury he picked up against Atlanta may haunt him a while - it looked real nasty later, in spite of his bravery, against Baltimore.:(
Wanne-Spiel has done as well as any other managers at getting decent depth and starting players while staying under the cap. We just happened to get hit hard in in the OL last year and that was the position we were weakest at. If a FB, QB, TE, CB or S went down, we would have been alright, but we were weak at G and lost 2 OT from the roster. DT was the big suprise - that seemed to be our deepest position, but Grant and Haley got hurt and were never good enough to replace DG.

Hopefully, this year we'll another DE and 1 or 2 more OLs and that should make those spots deeper, but you cannot have quality backups at every position these days.
As far as getting quality depth, we need it on the O line more than anywhere else. But I think Wann Spiel will see how the Chris Carter debacle...uh I mean negotiations go. After that I think we will concentrate on the draft. I think Wann Spiel are satisfied with the acquisitions made so far and will not seek out any trades or FAs. And with our draft position completely in the pits I don't think anyone will come knocking on our door asking to trade. So I think it would be safe to say all we really are waiting on is the draft(day 2 that is).
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