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Dec 12, 2001
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I haven't been around to hear any camp reports so i was just curious how Dixon and Nails have been looking since Dave named the 5 starters.
I believe...

Originally posted by Dajesus
I haven't been around to hear any camp reports so i was just curious how Dixon and Nails have been looking since Dave named the 5 starters.

... Dixon himself was feeling pretty good about the move. Which we all know is a shock, seeing as how the guy is always putting himself down.

I think they have always felt Dixon could play LT, but they had no one to take his place at LG. Well they feel Nails is that guy, I guess. As far as Nails I haven't heard anything about his play. Maybe DCH mentioned something on that, but I don't remember for sure.

I dont think there's been any news on how Nails has looked since the news but I'll tell you that he looked pretty bad in pass protection against the New Orleans Saints. A simple hand-slap by Grady Jackson or Norman Hand were sending Nails to the ground because his balance sucks. Hand won one obvious matchup against the run too, but other than that Nails looked pretty good when he gets to fire off the ball in run blocking.

As for Dixon its incredible. The guy was pretty much benched before the Saints game and given the game off. Then he's moved to LT and his first practice back he says that the 3 days off must have really worked miracles on his ankle because for the first time he felt like he was himself agains. He said for the first time he felt the "explosion" again. Then there are a bunch of isolated things, like Dixon mis-reading Jason Taylor's move badly but having the athleticism to recover in time to block Taylor before he could get to the QB. Then there's Dixon picking up the right blocks on a big blitz, specifically giving Jay enough time to throw the ball of to I think it was either Ricky Williams or Robert Edwards in the flat who was so wide open it would have been a long touchdown. Then there was Dixon run blocking where he fired out and sealed the defensive end then moved on to combination block a linebacker too. And then there are some isolated incidents where Dixon is beaten because he doesn't know the position well yet...doesn't have a feel for where that "line" is from the RDE to where the QB sets up in the pocket (which is where Dixon needs to back up to and block...along that "line").

DCH was quoted as saying that there were some moments when Dixon was beaten because of inexperience, but most importantly the practice that he saw with Dixon at LT, was the best LT play he had seen yet from any of our it Smith or Spriggs. Which I find encouraging, since I think Dixon will only improve.
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