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The Pats are playin like the Superbowl Champs...


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Sep 12, 2002
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Just curious what everyone thinks of the pats blowin out the jets this week. Next week will be a good measuring stick to see how we do against the jets (of course the phins play vs the jets is never an accurate measuring stick.) I highly doubt we're gonna be able to win the division this year unless we end the streak and atleast split the series with the pats. Seems to me that the pats are provin last year wasnt a fluke.
They've looked good. BUT, it is my firm belief that both the Steelers and Jets are teams with serious flaws...that are overrated.
i hate to say it but yes the pats are playing pretty damn good right now...but when miami rolls around on thier schedule they better be scared...very scared
Give credit, they beat a team that always gives us trouble by more than we beat the worst team in football last week.

They looked great today....the game was on the big screen next to our game and I watched most of it.

I am very worried about their team.

The dolphins look pretty good as well.. you have reason to be optimistic

We'll see what happens as the year progresses though..

the Jets and Steelers are forgotten in my mind.. I have already moved ahead to the Chiefs and Chargers.

I am looking forward to traveling down into enemies territory on Oct. 6th, to finally see a game @ Miami.

Next week, however, I will be rooting for my man Robert Edwards when you guys play the jets.

Right now, I think they might be too much. I guess we'll find out more when we see Pittsburgh and Raiders tonight. But right now, they're the champs....they're much better on offense than they were last year....and Tom Brady is becoming a special QB IMO. Right now, I think they are UNQUESTIONABLY the best, most complete team in the far.

I'm still wanting to see what our defense can handle. And I want to see our offense against a really solid defense. Man I can't wait to play them down in Miami. I think we can beat anybody at home.
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