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The Question Marks

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May 27, 2005
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It's kind of funny to hear talk of playoffs, team's record etc. when we haven't even seen a preseason game yet. There's a long lull before the season so it's understandable. But here are the major question marks IMO that will determine how well the team performs.

1. QB Feeley or Ferotte - Whoever wins this battle will have to play better than expected or none of the other question marks will matter much. I hope Feeley is the answer because that would make it easier to rebuild. If Miami has to draft a young qb next offseason then the process of getting this team to the super bowl will take longer. Of course, they could go the free agent route (maybe Rohan Davey), but that usually means nothing more than retreads or question marks.

2. LT - I thought this was the team's biggest weakness going into the offseason. I think if Miami was able to trade down in the draft (say with Minn) they might have gambled on Barron (around 18th), but as things stand Carey or Alibi would seem like the best odds to develop. Are either good enough?

3. DT - I'm intrigued by some of the young talent with Romero and Vickerson, but the rest of the players at the position are vets who likely won't be around much longer and that dominant run-stuffer just isn't on the roster. Miami needs one or both of these young guys to contribute and develop.

4. Safety - The injury to Tillman further clouds the picture. Honestly, it doesn't look like there's much here to build on for the future unless there is a big surprise from the group of college free agents. I like Bua, but hard to project him as a starter there. Saban will likely draft a young safety next year and start rebuilding the secondary.

5. DB's - Who starts opposite Madison? I actually think the team will be stronger here than people expect. Daniels could develop quickly and Howard should benefit from Saban's system. That said, you don't just replace a guy like Pat Surtain.

6. OL as a whole -- At the very least, there is a lot of youth and probably more talent than most realize. The Dolphins need to find out if Carey can play, determine if McKinney, Hadnot or Sinclair is the best option at center and hope players like James and McDouggle can approach their pro-bowl talent. I expect the line to be much improved, but LT might have to be addresssed early in next year's draft.
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