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The Taming Of The Lions....(merged)


Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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The Lions game

Read Alex's preview on Lions - - and agree they have little to worry about. If I am the Lions ( , I would hand the ball off to James Stewart as often as possible and try to see if the Fin's run D improved since the Ravens debacle. I do not see Hakim and SCHROEDER providing enough of a threat for the Fins to be overly concerned. I would think this game we will quickly show our new and improved 8 man front.

On Norv, Jay and Ricky's side of the ball, I expect the Lions to stack the line with their solid front 7. Their OLBs I have never heard of so hopefully we can get Konrad, Show time and Ricky on them one on one as often as possible. I would expect CC, OG and Jay to get some nice yardage ag. an extremely suspect secondary featuring 3 ex-Fin Ss.
Be careful of over confidence. Remember how we felt about the Pats last year? Remember how we were all saying that we'd beat them for a bye?

Lets just play the Lions one down at a time. And after we beat them soundly, we'll talk trash about them. :D
Amen Ice...By the way...where will you watch the game?!?
isn't the game what everybody should be talking about

Miami over Detroit. The Lions actually got worse this offseason...

Miami is shooting for the Super Bowl while, with no expansion team in its way, Detroit could have a clear path to the top draft pick in 2003. Dolphins 26, Lions 10
The Taming Of The Lions....

This is my "pre-game" game plan for the Phinz on offense and defense. Let me know what you guys think....


The Phinz on offense will be facing a very solid front four. This is clearly the Lions strength on defense.....

We will need to plug away at them early with the run whether it's working or not. Our running game will need to be productive enough to keep the Lions honest. If RW can keep the chains moving, it will open up the pass.....

If we can be productive on the ground, the Lions defense will eventually give up the big plays. Fiedler to Chambers deep could be a possibility once RW starts chipping away at the Lions defense. The play-action will be deadly once we start running the ball Sunday......

NO TURNOVERS!!!!......Over the last two seasons, turnovers have killed our offense, and kept us down. This year, we need to be the team taking the ball away, not giving it away.....


This should be a relatively easy offense to stop. Our DL should be able to get very good pressure on QB M. McMahon, and the Lions running game should go nowhere....

The Lions WR's are burners, and could cause problems "IF" RB J. Stewart gets going. The chances of that happening are slim though. J. Stewart is in his decline as a RB IMO, and if we have trouble keeping him under 100yrds Sunday, bad things could happen as a result......

The Lions offense will have trouble passing the ball regardless. I think the Phinz DL will get plenty of "mistake forcing pressure" Sunday, and that pressure will cause picks....

Once we shut down J. Stewart, the Lions offensive game plan will be done. There is no way the Lions offense can be successful enough to beat us without a solid running game......

Sound simple enough right???......

PHINZ RULE!!!!:fire:
Re: The Taming Of The Lions....

solid analysis - we can only lose if we turn the ball over 2+ times more than the Lions
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