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The trading has begun


Adam the Quarterback
Jan 20, 2002
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13:52 PT: The Associated Press reports New Orleans Saints GM Randy Mueller confirmed the Miami Dolphins have offered a first- and third-round draft pick in April in exchange for RB Ricky Williams and a second-round pick. He also added that offer did not leave the two sides near an agreement. "But I want to reiterate that we are not trying to unload a good player. We are happy with Ricky Williams. Teams are coming to us, and we are open to listening,'' Mueller said Friday night. Mueller said there is "no timetable" for a trade, despite reports he wants it resolved by March 1.

At least the talks have begun. I like the trade, but since it is the opening offer there will be more negotiating.

What ever happens we NEED a pick during Day 1 of the Draft(Round 1-3)
RW and the Saints' second-round pick for our first and third round picks would be an incredible deal.

Even if we threw in next year's third-rounder, as well, it would still be a heck of a deal.

I agree that we need one pick in the first three rounds, for sure. I hope we get some good compensation picks, as well.
I think the comp picks get announced around the first week of march at the owners meeting. Its deffinitly in march.
I think we are definately going to have to throw in our second or third from next DG!

yeah, we'll give them one of our headcases for one of theirs.
yes, finally we start talking to the saints. I was worried we were aiming towards Fred Taylor,(that would have been a disaster).

But this sounds like a good trade give us there second and Ricky Williams. That would make it look as if we took R. Williams in the first round and now we go on to our second round.

here's some more info....It looks like if this thing is going to happen it will definately do so by Friday.....Damien Gregory(DG) will probably be a part of the deal, JMO.....New Orleans will definately have to give us their two, or no deal....
Fins deny offering picks
I Like the Way You're Thinkin But...

Originally posted by iceblizzard69
I hope they can throw in Kyle Turley.

...Unfortunately I'm pretty sure that would never happen. I would love a guy like Turley on the 'Fins but he won't be making the trek to South Florida unless they cut him and he comes cheap. I would still love to see his gung-ho style on our line.
Haslett almost cut Turley after the incident he had with the Jets. Sure he's a madman, but he's the aggressive RUN BLOCKER we could use along the line. We could move him to RG, and keep in Wade at RT, or vice-versa.

Here's a good trade:

This year's first and third round picks; next year's second round pick

For - Ricky Williams, Kyle Turley, the Saints' second-round pick this year.
The Saints won't give up Turley and Williams.They would be foolish.But the trade for Williams and there 2nd with our 1st and third sounds like a great move to me.Also if Gregory is traded there would be an extra pick but I don't think they'd get too much for him.
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