These 12 Are Gone, Whose Your Pick?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by SF Dolphin Fan, Apr 13, 2019.

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    Lindstrom is my favorite player in the draft. So I'd be absolutely jumping for joy if Miami selects him. Question is does he get drafted at #13 or a bit later, IF Miami, was able to trade down a few spot and still get him. Wilkins is the other player I'd be interested in at #13. Simmons and Sweat have health concerns, so I'd pass. I'd also look at Wilkins teammate Dexter Lawrence if Miami trades down. But as of right now, Chris Lindstrom is the guy I'd take and not look back with any regrets!!! Love his rugged play and lunch pale type mentality. He one tough SOB!!!
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    Miami does need a SLB defender like Van Noy to run different sets, but more than that Miami needs elite defensive backs. And of course, QB.
    To run a consistent efficient offense, must have a consistent efficient QB.
    And to have elite defense, top 10, must have elite backs. Not good. Elite.

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