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This article pisses me off!


Don't believe everything you think.
Sep 3, 2001
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Let's break down Daves' 22-10 record a little bit. Now we all know that Dave is 14-0 against teams below .500, a little quick math reveals that Dave is only 8-10 against teams at .500 or better.
Now lets look at the "big games" Miami has played this season, the ones that had some importance besides a W or an L, The Raiders, a revenge thing, a W...The Rams, a measure of where we are at, a L, The Jets, we all know why, 2L's!, the 49ers, again a measuring stick, a L, and finally at New England for the division title, a L.
That's 1-5 in "big games".
I don't think that Wannstedt is the problem, but I do think that he gets more credit than he deserves. This team has a sh*tload of talent and frankly, any coach could have squeezed 22 wins out of them. It's what this team does when it counts that should be a reflection on the head coach. I'll reserve judgement and not get caught up in calling for Wannstedts' head because injuries have played a big part of both of his seasons at the helm, Jay's last year and the O-line this year, but I will NEVER be happy with "just" a trip to the playoffs. Ask any Jets' or Bills' or Pats' or Colts' fans and they'll tell you what our 5 straight trips to the playoffs are worth. Call me spoiled I guess, 'cause it's Super Bowl or bust, for me.
Here it is...
Wannstedt's World is Full of Spoiled Second-guessers
It is tough bind. :( To get to the playoffs and lose badly every year as opposed to being the Colts or Titans or Vikes or Broncs or 'Hawks or 'Skins that were supposed to be good and did not make it or in some cases sucked.

As much as I want to remember us winning the SB (as opposed to knowing that I watched us win when I was 10), Wanne has done a great job getting us to the playoffs with the talent that was out there on the field: in particular, the miserable O-line we had this year. Our O and D lines at this point simply do not match us well against a quality opponent and that is where you lose it: in the trenches.

Lucklily, the Ravens are about where we are at - so at home we have the advantage :D and I would rather not worry about the dreaded 2nd round, yet :rolleyes:
I think a lot of it IS coaching. But I also think he has done a great job of keeping this team motivated, and getting them to rebound after hard losses.

The fact of the matter is this; Our O line and D line is in bad shape. 39 already said it, and I have to agree. You can't beat a really good team if they outmatch you along the lines.

Now I don't think our D line is nearly as bad off as our O, but losing big Daryl really hurt the middle. At least Jim Bates is getting a clue about letting Surtain and Madison play more on an island, and putting Marion closer to the line of scrimmage to stop the run.

We have done a great job stuffing the run the last two weeks, and if we keep it up, the defense will be much stronger.
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