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This is Business


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Aug 22, 2004
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Well as I was walking throuh the streets of Montreal today, I spotted exactly 7 brand new Ricky Williams' jersey. I was in total disbelief...
Imagine the impact this guy has in the sales of Dolphins jersey this season without even practicing once. You can say whatever you want, he has a big fan-base all over the world even though Dolfans want his head.
I believe the decision for him to come back is also a business decison by Huizenga because in Canada, his jerseys are selling like hot cakes...

I'm thinking of buying one myself (lol)
His return is a buisness decision. But for Ricky cause he's broke. Not for Huizenga. And I think that most DOLFANS are pretty much over it. There's not many die hard fans that STILL want his head on a platter. He'll never really be forgiven in my eyes, but I can forget and drop the ill will.
I think the store was just trying to get back their $$$... they probably dug out of the clearance rank and re-priced them at $50 lol

i wouldnt buy the jersey this fool...
Ricky doesnt give a **** about waynes profits, he just needs money for buying more weed, thats why he stoped smoking.
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