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This is good news I will be watching


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Sep 3, 2001
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Look on there there is a report saying we will play our starters into the third Quarter....this is good because we need to build some confidence. If we lose this game preseason or not we really need to take a look at our team, especially if we play our starters into the 3rd Quarter against the Texans. That is unless our 2nd and 3rd teamers blow a lead.
Yea, We do this every year in the 3rd preseason game...this is the game the coaches game plan and then during half time make adjustments and see if the players are catching on...or making the proper adjustment that is..This is the dress rehearsal game for the seasonl
Yup always play our starters into the 3rd quarter in our 2nd to last preseason game.

Will it be televised somewhere?
Still pissed I can't watch any of these games on :monkey: Sunshine network.
I would really like to see how our starters do with extended time.
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