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this is the season...


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a new england win will all but clinch the division for them. they have a bye week followed by a game vs carolina. if we dont win this one, all of those comebacks will prove pointless and we'll be looking at another wild card weekend...if we win, (followed by home wins vs atl and buff) we're looking at 12-4 and likely a 1st round bye. this is the season, folks. hang on, cause it could be a bumpy(please, oh please, hang on to the pigskin) ride!!!

my prediction:
MIA- 24
N.E.- 13

ps- finally, the home field advantage we've been looking for...what will the fins do with it?
We will go to the playoffs, but this week's game is the most important. If we win, we have for the most part wrapped up the division. But we need Oakland to lose to regain our destiny to having a bye week.
Mcnair is listed as questionable (50-50) :(
I know we will win, but I hope Tenn. can do the same. Hopefully Eddie will expose their week d-line. For christmas I am asking for Jevon Kerse to end Gannon's season. Ewww im probably going to hell for that.

The Raiders also play the Broncos in Denver. Denver is scrambling for a playoff berth. Hopefully if Tenn doesn't win, they can.
don't forget they are playing a Jets team that will probably be fighting for their playoff lives on the last week of the season. Fist thing first we have to beat New England!
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