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This Sent A Shiver Up My Spine


Don't believe everything you think.
Sep 3, 2001
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``I think Chan is one of the best around, and I've worked with a lot of them in different places,'' quarterback Jay Fiedler said. ``He's a great communicator and is great at simplifying things to let guys go out and play football

Then why can't this Dartmouth grad seem to grasp the concept of playing mistake free football? I know the offensive line sucks and Lamar was a one year wonder, but Mr. Fiedler has done more to hurt this offense than anyone. You would think that some where along the way that Gailey would have accidently found Jay's talents, if they were there.
I'm not a big Fiedler basher, but if Chan is the "best around" this team is in big trouble next year if Jay resigns.
Fiedler has not been the problem with this offense. Gailey's O is 100% predicated on running the football; and since we have not been able to do that because Lamar and the O line have sucked, the O has suffered. Jay is going to have over 3000 yards and an above average QB rating so it is hard to blame the Offensive woes for the entire season on him. Gailey deserves lots of blame for it since he insists on running Lamar early in the game when the other team is expecting it. The Gailey/Wanne philosophy is that we eat lots of clock when we have the ball to keep our D fresh and make sure we have a close game in the 2nd half. Without a running game any QB other than maybe Favre would suck in that O; and Favre has the leading rusher in the NFC on is team. :)
Fiedler has been good lately and will have over 3,000 yards passing, but he still sucks and imagine how good our passing game would be with a good QB. We could keep Lamar at RB, and with a good QB, we would be unstoppable.:)
who is a good QB - Brad Johnson, Elvis Grbac, Vinny as old as me Testeverde ??? There are practically no good QB's around and there are no UFA QB's available that are even as good as Lucas next year.
39 you bring up a good point. Last season Farve had no running game, and look how average he looked. Culpeper this year has had no running game, and again look how average he has played even w/his all world wrs. Peyton has had no running game this year he has looked very average. Now Feidler has about half the talent of thoose guys, but has played very average w/no running game. If Dave is going to make the priority of the offseason to improve the running game, and stopping the run I would like to see Jay have 1 more crack at it. If that is not his priority then we may as well draft a qb beacause we will be rebuilding.
thanks Dajesus - we must improve our O line above all else. Depending on Daryl we may be desparate at DT as well. Jay is as good a QB as we can get. We should probably draft another QB in rounds 4+ like Heupel and let him compete ag. Jay, Ray and Cade and/or sign that ex-baseball player Hutchinson.
run offense

See, thats our problem. We have been promised a running game for the last 6 years. Why do that when the strength in our offense has always been the pass (except for Fiedler). I mean, seriously. The team should mold itself and improve on it's good points to achieve perfection, not work on the bad points so much that we weaken what we have. I mean, Im all for making the team a great team. But, lets go to the run after we've racked up 42 points, then I'll be happy. I can't WAIT to celebrate Chan's departure. I hate new years eve celebrations, so I will just celebrate the fact Gailey's outta here. What a christmas wish come true.....
What sends a shiver up my spine? People that make asinine decisions and the world is full of them. I guess I'll make the best of it and respect their decisions. What else can ya do? Ya'll have a great weekend:D Dolphins WILL WIN THIS WEEKEND, mark my Words!:cool:
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