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this team could really suprise


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Dec 21, 2004
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this team has a lot of talent. Our whole team looks to be improved in every position. Probably our biggest upgrades have been to the coaching staff. Having new coaches will help bring the talent out that our team already has. We got a roster filled with players talented in college. Hopefully our coaching staff can make them good pro players.

...Im a big white sox fan. You look at the roster and you think they do not have any franchise players. What they do is play the game as a team. If the dolphins are able to do this like the white sox have done in baseball, they will be very successfull. Having a good coaching staff will help tremendously. But for us to be successfull we need everyone to contribute. Right now we can expect more from the players we have because they are much more talented.
The carolina panthers made it to the superbowl a few years ago because they had many playmakers. Our team is loaded with playmakers. Our team just needs to work as a unit. That has been a big problem for the dolphins. The dolphins relied on certain star athletes instead of the team. If we want to be great we got to have above average players at all positions. Right now we have good players at all positions(maybe not at safety) and also the dolphins have good coaching. We do not need superstars to go far in the playoffs. The patriots do not have superstars on their team. They have players who can play the game of football above average. The dolphins have a lot of above average players who can work together. We got a great team here. While many writers will write the dolphins off, this team is much more talented and has much more potential than any team the dolphins have had in a while.
every position? what about QB and the defensive backfield....possibly the 2 msot important positions
The Pats don't have superstars ?? What Pats team have you been looking at ?? They have very good to excellent WRs, they have an elite QB, they have an elite DL (Seymore), they had excellent CBs (both are gone now)...and they also have a very under-rated OL....Besides all that, they have a PROVEN coaching staff that was second to none in many years...

But enough ranting, I'm not really a Pats fan, just a believer in BB and his ways. We have a coach who shares that philosophy and I feel that we will be very competitive soon. What I expect to see more of is this team playing like it belongs in the NFL and having more of a "killer" instinct (putting away teams in games instead of letting them hang around and be close at the end). We have a long way to go to rebuild the talent we need to take the next step, so let's not forget that we are a 4-12 team, not a 11-5 team as some people on this site think...
I do think the old coaching staff had a habit of coddling the players. Which lead to a ton of mental errors.. from the star players I might add. Football is the only sport where everyone must be on the same page. New England over the last 4 years has been just that! They have not taken grief from any star players.
Like in any sports, the teams you see winning championships are the teams that are ONE! They are together, they are all on the same page. That is one of Coach Saban's main attributes. You can already see it with the players. Something different seems to come out of every players mouth when answering the same question the last few seasons. Now, if you watch the interviews, it's as if Junior, Zach, Sam, Jason, McMichael, they all pretty much say the same thing when answering a question, as if a microchip's been implanted into their brain and that's the only answer they can give.. it's because they all have one vision and Coach Saban is making these guys understand and believe that if they buy into what he's selling, they will be successful.
you look at the patriot roster and they have a lot of solid players. I personally do not believe the patriots have a top player in the league. What they do have though is solid players across the board at every position. Our only real weakness right now could be quarterback and safety. Safety could be easily fixed with shulters. The quarterback position we have to be patient with and see what feeley can do. Im really excited about this team, because it seems we are heading in the right direction.
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