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This weeks installment of Scott Shields News...


Brannigan Begin Again
Feb 11, 2002
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Hampshire, United Kingdom
So this week the Claymores couldn't get anything going on offense, with Dreisbach at QB worrying about his prospects after the Lions drafted Joey Harrington.

Meanwhile, Scott Shields only notable contribution to a close loss on the road (13-10), was a personal foul for unnecessary roughness 15 yards penalty and a first down and 10 with the Fire pegged inside their own 20 on a first and 30 after some bad penalties for holding.

In his defense, the guy he hit had not gone down even if his forward momentum had stopped and the play was blown dead. He never redeemed himself in a game where defense dominated. He seemed to be rather forward (more like a linebacker) most of the time so looking on the bright side, may his coach is calling him wrong.

Before this play he had hit and taken the wind out of a receiver over the middle who was not even allowed to hit the floor let alone make yards after catch. I look forward to a better performance next week, with perhaps something that could be considered an offense, rather than offensive, from the Claymores.
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