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Those Colt Fans Are In For A Shock.


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Mar 3, 2002
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Surprised how generally unconcerned most of them (beyond the 4 or 5 who are actually realistic like coltsfan) are about the phins.

They dismiss Ricky Williams (say he will only get 75-80 yards) and aren't scared about Chambers (cause he didn't do much against Detroit. Gee maybe because we were running it down their throats and passing to our FB's and TE's all day? Guess that is to be ignored to). They dismiss our huge offensive upgrades yet turn around and talk about how improved their defense is. Improved compared to what? This defense improves 10 spots and it still wouldn't be in the top half of defenses in the league.

They also go on about how Ismail will be the difference for them. Hate to tell you colts fans but if your relying on a guy we casted off to be the difference for your offense which has been held to 20 or less so many times by us is wishful dreaming. Sure you have a #2 reliable reciever now. You don't think that gets Surtain covering him? (and no I don't see Surtain playing the slot unless Marvin or Ismail go in there and Madison simply covers the one who doesn't)

You thought Manning had it rough with Bromell last year. Say hello to O-Gun Manning. You'll be seeing him all around you.

To simply put it Colts fans.......think about how much your defense improved then turn around and multiply that by 3 to find out how much the phins offense has improved. Colts O and Dolphins D are pretty much the same as it's always been. So that's offset. So when you look at how much better this phins O is compared to how much better the Colts D is (and the fact we were already beating the Colts most of the time anyways) and it's a clear phins win unless the phins start shooting themselves in the foot.

Sure you may have Tony Dungy helping to cover the weaknesses of your D with his Cover 2 schemes but that is easily offset with Turner's versatility.

27-17 phins.
I think it's closer but still a win for Phins.
their D still sucks. Mike Peterson might unseat Rodgers, but the other 10 guys would be on the bench if they were on the Phins roster - I say that sincerely look for yourself:

Their O is still potent, but if we can control EJ and the running game we will be able to easily outscore them.
They have to go 3 wide now because Marcus Pollard is out for the day. Thats really a pretty big problem for them. Its being kind of overlooked by the fans there but that really takes away a lot of their versatility on offense.
I think it will be quite interesting to visit a Colts message board after the Dolphins big win on Sunday. I'm sure their fans could back pedal out of there statements about as good as Surtain and Madison do with their receivers. Go Phinz!!! :rocker:
After week one, little would SHOCK me.

Its the same thing over and over again. The fish have beat us and we have beat them. The rivalry is great. A few things that I think will be big factors on Sunday.

1. The artificial surface could make Edge a little hesitate to hurt his knee again, but also, he runs much quicker on turf.

2. Again with the turf, Dungy's defense was designed specifically for the turf. Pass rushers like Bratzke and Freeney will get a much better jump.

3. I think that many believe that the Colts will use a three WR set all game. Thats not true. In the off season, the Colts picked up Jeremy Wiggins, a pass catching TE from NE. IMO Dungy will replace Pollard with Wiggins and stay with some two TE sets.

Overall I think that this game will be a good test of both defenses, and to see if Norv's system is as good as it looked last week against the division I-AA Lions.

35-27 Colts.
Colt forum

If any of you Fish fans would like to boast your glory on Colts turf, the site is
I personally welcome the Colts to try and use Jermaine Wiggins like they did Marcus Pollard. The results might be hilarious.
No way you score 35 on our D...we will eat up the clock and that alone would prevent either team from scoring that much...not to mention the Phins D is very good.
Originally posted by Phinstd
No way you score 35 on our D...we will eat up the clock and that alone would prevent either team from scoring that much...not to mention the Phins D is very good.
Ricky should have a field day and throwing to McMichael and Konrad will help open up Chambers and OG. On D, the Colts will get yards, it will come down to how few TOs they have as too have many points they score, but 35 :nono:
How many INTs does Manning have against the Fins?? At least around 8-10. I'm not sure though. Can someone find this out??
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Good post Vandolphan. Did you post it to the Colt's board? :lol:

Nah doesn't allow hotmail addies and since hotmail is my primary address since I am always moving around and switching ISP's it's been my main for years now. Besides it would be a waste of time talking to them. Might as well be talking to a brick wall.
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