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Oct 30, 2001
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Just to put a spin on all the gloom and doom.

Rosenfels' rating is 39.6 today based on his 0-for-3 performance as a briefly deployed sub in Green Bay.

Lucas' rating is 33.5, meaning he has played so poorly in two starts, he is rated worse than a guy who hasn't completed a pass.

I don't know how that happens but it is kind of funny. The season is not over yet and I still think we are good enough to go to the big game. I think when we are all healthy there is no team in the AFC that can beat us. I think Denver is the second best team. They have a decent offense and great D, but we beat them in there house. They will lose more games because they have to play in AFC west and against the east. San Diego is overrated and the north and south are a bunch of pussies. The bye week for the playoffs is not as important as it used to be for us, because we have a running game. It is important to have a balanced attack when going on the road. Previous seasons we were injured or tired in the running game or just didn't have one to count on. We do know so fiedler will be well rested and he will have a fire when he gets back on the field and the rest of the team will play better when he gets back. I think we will win our next 2 games and be sitting comfortable when Jay comes back.

Oh yea I will be donating $10 to the fund too. I love this board. I do mostly reading but I like to hear what everyone has to say. And laugh at the enemy that posts in here.
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