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Thoughts and Pics from the Game.

Hey JLFINFAN good analysis and nice website. BTW who are those ugly suckers in the pics??? :jk:
BTW how loud was it at the game??? One KC fan was saying Arrowhead isn't as mean as it use to be. Any comment???

In at least one of those pics, I'm one the the ugly ones...LOL.

As for the noise, it was loud, but I've heard stadiums that were louder. There may have been 5000 or more no shows to the game because there was a Nascar race going on there on the same day.
Hey Merman,

I was there with JLFINFAN and the gang and except for the loss,
we had a great time.

I was immpressed at how many Dolphin fans were there! We were ROLLIN' DEEP!!!

To answer your question, KC fans were polite and very courteous.

I was very surprised because I was expecting to be heckeled all game long. It didn't happen......well maybe a little but they still get a passing grade.

Hey by the way, JLFINFAN is a great guy, very knowlegable and passionate about the DOLPHINS. I'd like to thank him and his wife for hosting my brother-in-law and myself at the tailgate party.

If you guys haven't checked out his website i advise you to do so he's got great stuff....
So you guys are still embarrassed?? What number is JLFINFAN and SGT Dolphin wearing. Great stuff to see who we are really talking to. Whoever else has a site speak up!!!
I'm the one with the Zach Thomas jersey.....

JLFINFAN has the Marino jersey and the BEER........

Which one am I? Well, I'll give you a hint. My all time favorite player is none other than Dan Marino.

As for the KC fans, I did get heckled some on the way out. I ignored most of it. But one fan was really obnoxious. So after he ranted for a while, I told him "Well, when Miami makes the playoffs this year, and the Chiefs once again sit at home to watch them on TV, at least you'll have this game to feel good about." He shutup after that.

But most of the fans, at least the older ones, were very polite. I had some great discussion with some of them. They were excited about winning, but didn't rub it in. There were even a few who appeared to be in shock that Trent Green played so well....LOL.

Sgt Dolphin is right, there were quite a few Fin fans there. Maybe 2000-3000 total. A great showing. We had a blast tailgating! Hope we can do it again in the near future!
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